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Dorothy's Strict Tutor - Part 1+2

Dorothy Burnett, Kelley May, spanking, f/f, otk

Dorothy is lazy and inattentive at school, feeling that the whole experience is perhaps not really so important. This attitude applies particularly to Dorothy's homework. Her parents have retained the services of a private tutor, Miss May, who has thus far struggled to make much of an impression on Dorothy. Well, that changes today as we shall see as Dorothy receives a well overdue and rather thorough spanking!

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Part 2

A week following what was supposed to be a salutary lesson for Dorothy about her schoolwork, her tutor, Miss May is distressed to learn that Dorothy was caught cheating in a test. If Dorothy had been doing her homework, as she promised, she would not have needed to cheat. Needless to say, Miss May is beyond furious to learn that Dorothy learned nothing from being spanked the last time. Well, this time the spanking is going to be whole lot worse!


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