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Exclusive High Quality Previews from the Best Spanking Sites around the world

On this page we are presenting you the latest new videos from the spanking scene. We are scanning the market for new spanking productions on a daily basis, for updating this page several times a day. stands for quality spanking videos from quality spanking producers. Check the latest updates below and enjoy!

May 2022

Every month we present one studio which we believe is outstanding when it comes to impressive content, updates and a fair pricing. This month it’s Spanked & Diapered, the first and only membership site devoted to the combination of spanking and diaper lovers. Join Spanked & Diapered today and enjoy a huge amount of High Definition Videos and HQ Scene Photos, at a low price of only $29.95.

Clara HewittWillowNot Good EnoughMommy is beyond disappointed in her daughter Willow. Willow is simply not trying hard enough and that is just not good enough for mommy. Mommy spanks her naughty girl with hand, paddle and hairbrush until her bottom is a deep burning crimson.
Alex ReynoldsDorothy BurnettSpanked & Diapered Dorothy - Extra PaddingDorothy is given several smacks over her triple diapered bottom but soon realizes what's going on. Dorothy isn't reacting to the spanking whatsoever, as her bottom is noticeably padded. So now Daddy takes all of Dorothy's diapers off and spanks her on her bare bottom.
AliceAlice Paddled For Midriff And No BraPreview from Real Spankings, one of the biggest membership sites for corporal punishments and spanking video downloads. They offer a massive amount of more than 1,300s Punishment Video Scenes and 10,000s of Photos.
Pandora BlakeDreams Of Spanking Classics - Even Teachers Make Mistakes - HQ Photos PreviewSix of the best on the bare are duly delivered, as the camera alternates between lingering lovingly on Pandora's bottom as each stroke blooms across her cheeks, and capturing the play of expressions across her face as the cane makes its mark.
Kailee RobinsonFHS Classics - Bare Bottom Caning For Kailee RobinsonKailee Robinson makes the serious error of being found with a bottle of wine in her dorm at reform school. Alcohol is not permitted on campus, and the penalty is a severe one. Pants and panties down, Kailee bends over hands on knees and braces herself for a full dozen with a rattan cane.
Kiki CaliPaul RogersPunishing Kiki CaliAdorably naughty Kiki Cali sasses old grouch Tubaman, with painfully predictable results. Kiki should have known better that this would happen. Two spankings. Two strappings. And a ton of embarrassing corner time with her sore bottom exposed.
Zoe PageZoe Page Discovers Her Desire For Spankings With A Bare Bottom PaddlingKneeling on a desk to be spanked, then lying flat for a blistering dose with a leather paddle, Zoe Page discovers that being spanked is cathartic and energizing all at once in Asking For It. Boss Philip Johnson is all too happy to indulge her desire for spankings.
Jas JayBirdMiss ElizabethMisty LovelaceShameful Attention Seekers SpankedMisty and Riley have been sent to Headmistress Miss Elizabeth, for wearing what little remains of their cheer uniforms which is highly inappropriate and slutty. Fans of Misty Lovelace, Riley Haze, and Miss Elizabeth will adore this latest film, a perfect addition for any spanking connoisseur.
Lucy LaurenLucy Lauren - Failure To PayHaving little choice, Lucy finds herself over his knee for a humiliating bare bottom spanking. Worse is to follow when she is stripped naked for further chastisement with various straps and paddles to her already sore bottom whilst kneeling on the settee until the interested is paid.
MonicaThe Punishment Of MonicaMonica has to kneel in front of the headmistress who subjects her to a face slapping, long and hard, one cheek and then the other, repeated and with meaning. Next her hands are tawsed, hard. In the final part of this stage her hands are caned. This girl really is experiencing humiliation and pain.
IzunaNew Model NanamiLive Stream BlooperIzuna is a live streamer. She introduces Nanami, a spanker, as a guest and interviews her. After the interview is over, Nanami offers Izuna a spanking demonstration, and gives her a sound spanking while has Izuna failed to end the stream.
Tiana IrieAttitude Adjustment For TianaNate has had enough of Tiana's rude behavior. She knows how things are done when she misbehaves; with a hard over the knee spanking. Tiana promises not to be rude again, and to ensure she learns her lesson properly Nate bends her over the couch using his leather strap on her bared, swollen bottom.
Kelley MayPandora BlakeSpread For The StrapIt's been a long, hard day making spanking films, and Pandora is in need of something to help them wind down. Real life partners Stephen and Kelley have just the solution: an thorough hand spanking to warm up, followed by a tag-teamed double strapping with a pair of beautiful leather straps.
VeronicaDirty Veronica DisciplinedVeronica's eyes lower in shame and she pleads not to be punished, but she is taken over her uncle's lap for the start of a long hard spanking. The following hard furious belting has Veronica gasping in pain as her buttocks turn a shameful dark red.
Sage PillarStealing From The Company - Punishments Day 1 Spanking And The Paddle - Part 1Beautiful Sage Pillar and tiny little Jackie Jupiter are caught stealing company funds and get a long and painful spanking on the skirt, panties and bare bottom. Then those bottoms are barred and paddled hard.
Maddy MarksLong Hard Paddling For Lying 2 - Maddy Marks Hard OTK PunishmentMaddy's punishment is far from over. Stripped to her thong bodysuit, her bottom is paddled hard and fast with a variety of paddles. First a stinging ruler is used up and down the back of her thighs. Then a hairbrush and increasingly heavy paddle splat down on her pretty round bottom.
Clare FondaNumiNumi Zarah Spanks Clare FondaExotic sorority girl Numi Zarah catches Teacher Clare Fonda acting inappropriately again. Numi gives Clare a very long and sound spanking over her knee in the sorority living room, completing it by counting 100 spanks with a hairbrush.
Lexi HollandNew Model Rose IIIThe Birthday SpankingLexi Holland is celebrating her birthday and her friend Rose decides to give her a birthday spanking. At first it begins as a fun lighthearted spanking, but then Rose begins to take out some of her issues with Lexi on her bare bottom.
Angel WingsHard Licks In The Punishment Room #6 - Angel - StrapAngel makes her first visit to the Punishment Room and surely her pain is real! She has a lower pain tolerance. So every smack hurts her delicate bottom. The Punishment starts with a proper and long hand spanking. it's clear that this hurts her butt, though it's what she needs.
Addie JuniperChelsea PfeifferAddie's Pranks - Valentine ChocolateWhat is it with chocolate addictions? Yet another holiday finds Addie breaking her promise to keep away from the ooey, gooey goodness. Good thing she's got Chelsea to help keep her on track! Once again, Addie find herself over Chelsea's knee getting her bottom soundly spanked.
Kitty CatherineNumber One PriorityReturning late, having allowed her phone to die, Kitty discovers that being a number one priority carries both responsibility and consequences. The consequences on this occasion are a smacked bottom before bed, no way around.

Previous Updates

Paul RogersRachel AdamsRachel's Ping Pong PaddingsAdorable Rachel Adams bends over for a corporal punishment with the ping paddle over her tight jeans shorts. Wonderful front camera views. Watch and enjoy Rachel's facial expressions and see how her eyes are filling with tears.
New Model Melanie GrahamStore SecurityMelanie is caught shoplifting by store security and taken to the office. She is in big trouble as she already has a conviction for shoplifting but she is given the choice of being reported to the authorities with all that entails or she receives a dose of old-fashioned discipline.
Dr. LompNew Model NikeNike's ReturnMany of you asked if Fatima or Nike would ever appear in our films again. Well, I have been able to talk Nike into forgetting the torments of the shooting sessions and challenging her luck: let's go for the Wheel of Pain.
Christy CutieFlogger, Whip, Strap, Cane - Christie Cutie Dungeon Playtime - Part 3After a harsh flogging on her cunt and thighs , Christy is ordered to roll over onto her back to be punished on her bare back and ass. The pair of heavy flogger go to work on the tender flesh on her back, working down to her already swollen throbbing as and thighs.
SunnyPlease Daddy, Spank Me - Part 2 - Strap On The Bare BottomSunny had a revelation, she needed to ask her Daddy for punishment. She needed it, she was making mistakes that she shouldn't have been. It all started with the trusty leather belt, and damn that leather kisses her ass with some serious sting and has her struggling right from the start.
Auntie KatieHoneySally SOLHiding The Report 4 – Aunty Katie Takes OverIt is now Aunty Katie's turn to deal out the punishment. She first administers a long hard on Honey's milky white ass. Sally is made to watch all the action with her pants down waiting until it is her turn.
Kyle JohnsonRose IIThe Warm Up With RoseRose has come to shoot, but asks first if she can get a warm up for her skins tolerance to grow. Kyle takes her OTK to spank her soundly over her pants, her panties and her bare butt. Her skin sizzles as his hand roasts her bare arse til she can't sit down, and that's only the beginning!
Andy MoonChelsea PfeifferAn Early Birthday SpankingIt's almost Andy's birthday and she's curious about what Chelsea might have gotten her. She finds a present in a shopping bag (carefully hidden) in Chelsea's closet. When Chelsea finds Andy trying on the new sweater, she's really upset. She really wanted to surprise Andy.
Ashley LanePaying For The PartyArielle and Brittany throw a huge party when the parents are away and now it's time for face dad for punishment. Each is spanked across their panties then on the bare bottom in diaper position. Both spread those naked bottoms wide open for penalty swats on the bare butthole.
Casey CalvertElori StixMiss BernadetteElori And Casey's Afterschool PunishmentElori and Casey have been sent home from school after getting in trouble. They are each spanked with her hand and hairbrush until their bottoms are nice and pink. Elori uses very foul language during her spanking, so this of course means a mouth-soaping.
AiruYuzuMore Birthday PresentsVery erotic female/female spanking video from Asia. After spanking each other, the friend gives them another card. Inside there's note saying 'Now, I want you to spank me'.
Pandora BlakeSarah GregoryPandora Blake - Tied, Spanked and PluggedSarah and Pandora make time to spend what precious moments they have left together before Sarah must fly back to America. Enjoy this gorgeously explicit, completely filthy scene with a very happy ending that Pandora won't forget in a hurry.
Russian Rough Man - Photo PreviewsThe Rough Man Spanking Club is the ultimate place in Russia for girls and women to share their deepest punishment fantasies. Before they are accepted, they have to pass through a special procedure which is always shot on video. Watch the Club's initiation scenes.
Paul RogersRaven MackenzieRaven vs the PrincipalNaughty Raven MacKenzie gets paddled at school. Then she gets three spankings at home from Daddy. And finally, she gets another, harder paddling at school again. Little Ms MacKenzie won't be sitting down any time soon after this well deserved corporal punishment.
Pandora BlakeThe BDSM Play TeacherPandora's been around on the scene for a while now, and she's ready to teach you a thing or two. If you've ever wondered how to get the perfect presentation of our gorgeous submissive performers or prepare yourself for the caning of your dreams, this one's for you!
Clara HewittCan You Explain ItClara receives a humiliating over the knee bare bottom spanking from her boss Richard Milner before he places two chairs back-to-back for her to bend over so that her already sore bottom is perfectly presented for further chastisement with various straps and paddles.
Sky TerrapinZiva FeyZiva Spanks Sky - The RevengeZiva Fey got spanked by her giant sorority mate Sky Terrapin so that Sky could convince Ziva to do her sorority chores for her. Well Ziva will do them and not tell anyone about it if Ziva gets to spank Sky, too. She gives her a sound spanking with hand and the dreaded wooden spatula.
Clara HewittViolet HazeTutorial In DisciplineViolet is taken over her educator's lap as her bare buttocks are soundly spanked with the indignity of having her white cotton panties pulled down. The punishment is far from over as Miss Matthews bends Violet over the table, ensuring her bare bottom is fully exposed and taut for the strap.
Maddy MarksSkipping The Gym - Maddy Marks Caught In A Lie - Part 1Maddy's workout shorts are lowered to reveal a very high cut thong bodysuit. Hard spanks on her exposed flesh, her provocative attire earns her extra hard attention on her naughty bottom. Jiggling with every hard smack, soon her ass is flaming red to match her hair.
Alice AverieReyna St. ClairThe Initiation - Part 1Four girls go to one's family vacation house, two seniors and two freshmen. The younger girls are there to be initiated in a Sorority that is know for Lilith action and lots of spanking! Each ends up spanked and paddled and two get penalty Swats when Dad walks in on the action.
Rachel FinchZoe PageFinale Caning For Pretty Rachel Finch In School Uniform, Bottom BaredThere are tears in store when headmistress Zoe Page administers a final caning to recalcitrant and disobedient senior Rachel Finch at The Academy. Discipline is swift and harsh, but always fair. Mascara running, Rachel grits her teeth in a two-part caning: there are more strokes to come.
Paul RogersRachel AdamsRachel's Ping Pong PaddingsAdorable Rachel Adams bends over for a corporal punishment with the ping paddle over her tight jeans shorts. Wonderful front camera views. Watch and enjoy Rachel's facial expressions and see how her eyes are filling with tears.

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Dreams of Spanking is an award-winning studio from Pandora Blake. Pandora is a UK spanking performer, sexual freedom activist and blogger. Dreams of Spanking is the result of several years of inspiration and hard work. It represents Pandora's personal spanking kink as honestly as anything else she has ever done. Dreams of Spanking offers spanking films, photo galleries and audio stories. Join Here

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Welcome to the extreme world of BDSM with Dr. Lomp, the infamous sadist who you probably already know from the Mood Universe. Looking for insane BDSM practices? Dr. Lomp delivers! This maniac knows no limits. No practice is too extreme, no corporal punishment is too hard. Is he a monster? We don’t think so. Remember, it’s all adult role play, and somehow he must be a likable person, as even some very popular and reputable porn stars like Nataly Gold and Renata Fox bowed down to Dr. Lomp, for extensive corporal punishment sessions. Join Here

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The Sting in the Tail Studio is the producer of SIT Spanking, Spank Christina and The Spank Camp. In the market since the early 2000s, their videos are still peerless and extraordinaire. Genuine spanking, authentic scenes, realistic storylines and no false overacting is what this studio stands for. Enjoy a wide variety of models, young ones as well as mature women, all in need of discipline. Join the SIT Sites

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As a part of their culture and tradition, Asian girls are aware that disobedience, bad performance at school and criminal behavior will result in tears sore buttocks. You will hardly find an Asian girl who did not make this experience, when she found herself in the corner, with tears running down her face, with her sore and swollen bottom exposed after a well-deserved thrashing, typically applied in front of family members, friends or workmates, to add further embarrassment. Join Here

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