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Exclusive High Quality Previews from the Best Spanking Sites around the world

On this page we are presenting you the latest new videos from the spanking scene. We are scanning the market for new spanking productions on a daily basis, for updating this page several times a day. stands for quality spanking videos from quality spanking producers. Check the latest updates below and enjoy!

July 2022

Every month we present a studio which we believe is outstanding when it comes to impressive content and a fair pricing. This month it’s Girls Boarding School. No doubt, GBS was one of the first and one of the most important landmarks in the spanking community. Ever single video at Girls Boarding School is making a clear statement about how to punish and discipline defiant girls properly. Broken rules, forgotten homework or bad behavior is simply not tolerated. A hard OTK spanking, or a severe session with the paddle, not to mention the dreaded cane, that’s daily punishment routines at Girls Boarding School.

Cheyenne JewelClare FondaSocial Media Spanking - Part 1Cheyenne Jewel puts a surprised Clare Fonda over her knee for a long and painful spanking, driving the lesson home with a wooden spatula. This scene is both comedic and intense and leaves Clare with a truly sore, red bottom!
Kelly MorganFHS Classics - Kelly MorganKelly Morgan's private school enforces strict discipline and corporal punishment. Taking the varsity cheerleaders' clothes as a senior prank has dire consequences. Cheerleader Captain Kelly has to touch her toes for 15 strokes of the cane, 7 bare: ouch! Includes awesome Reaction Cam replay.
Pandora BlakeDOS Classics - Thrashed And ForgivenNot only has Pandora lied to her partner about having a work do when really she was at a friend's party, but she's been caught out by photos posted on Facebook. She is truly sorry for having been so stupid - and she will be forgiven. But first, she will be punished.
Madison MartinYasmine SinclaireMadison Spanked Over CostumeMadison Martin and Yasmine Sinclair are throwing a costume party at their place. But Madison did not wear the flight attendant costume to match the one Yasmine is wearing. So Yasmine gives Madison a painful spanking before the guests arrive, even if their is a risk of them seeing or hearing it.
Lexi HollandRose BRose Spanks Lexi HollandAccording to new sorority girl Rose B, Lexi Holland was not supposed to spank teach Clare Fonda. So Rose says she has been sent to give Lexi another spanking as her punishment for doing so. Lexi gets over the knee and takes a spanking, with hand and hairbrush, leaving Lexi rubbing her sore bottom.
ArianaDr. LompFacing The Real Pain – Part 2Cute slave girl Ariana is on the way to be a perfect slave, under the proper commands and treatments from the supervisor Dr Lomp. She has already begun to enjoy being enslaved and to suffer for the pleasure of her master; now she agrees that this is a holy task for a good girl.
Helen StephensLazy Helen SpankedHelen isn't keeping up with her chores and mom has had it. What Helen needs is a damn good spanking, something she should have had a long time ago. Mom takes her naughty lazy girl over her lap for a hard hand spanking and then has Helen ask for the hairbrush. Back over the lap for more spanking.
Trouble MakerSaturday Nights Are For Strapping TroublemakersThe crack of leather echoes off the walls, punctuated by Trouble Maker's cries as the strap finds its mark over and over. Angry red welts are painted on alabaster skin, flushing hot. Replacing with a wider strap, the tempo increases, the flush of her tender bottom darkens exponentially.
AliceYoung Executive SpankedWhen she steps over the bounds punishing another woman at work, Alice is spanked by her boss. It's a long, hard OTK spanking that leaves her bottom bright red. Watch her kick and squirm as slap after slap goes across her bottom.
Lucy LaurenZoe PageTold To Strip Naked, Lucy Lauren Is Powerless To Stop Zoe Spanking Her - Hard!Lying flat on a desk, totally nude, Lucy Lauren's pert bottom is a perfect, round, juicy target for Zoe Page's revenge spankings in No Room at the Top. However much Lucy protests, Zoe has information that could compromise Lucy's career at a marketing agency.
New Model MorganDon't Go Easy On The New GirlThis is an interview with a difference. Morgan gives us a great insight into her life and how she felt to be spanked for the very first time. She then goes back over Sarah's knee for a prolonged and painful hand spanking on an already marked bottom.
Laura LuxNew Model TamsinDry Humper PunishedBeautiful teenager Tamsin has a private tutor visit her house but she is not a happy girl. The teacher demands that Tamsin allow herself to be dry humped. Hard, fast and very painfully. The teacher must now be punished for her behavior, a good spanking to tears from Sarah should do the job.
IzunaNew Model NanamiReward And PunishmentThis is a video of reward and punishment with commentary by President Nanami. The best employee of the month is praised with a certificate and a reward, while the employee with the lowest performance is punished with a spanking.
Jenna JayMiss LinaSales IncentiveLina is unhappy with Jenna's sales figures and general attitude. The best way to remedy the situation is incentivize Jenna with corporal punishment. Lina enlists the help of co-worker Andy to administer a good bare bottom spanking to Jenna before putting her over the desk for the paddle and strap.
New Model Nyxi LeonPaul RogersNaughty Nyxi Leon's Schoolgirl PunishmentsNaughty schoolgirl Nyxi Leon gets her bottom paddled three times by the Headmaster, Paul Rogers aka Tubaman, once on her schoolgirl skirt, once on her skimpy panties, and once on her bare, red, and very sore behind.
Zoe PageZoe Page Is Starting To Enjoy Being Spanked A Little Too MuchZoe Page must be losing it: she suggests taking off her clothes to be spanked with a yard stick by goggle-eyed Philip Johnson! Good to see she can take it in the series Asking For It, as she's on the receiving end of multiple spankings. Good job!
Amy FoxMiss ElizabethPlease Give Me A Bathbrush SpankingNothing can be more humiliating than to ask mom, 'Please give me a bathbrush spanking' but that is what happens to Amy and you will find out how it got to this. Amy's bottom jiggles provocatively, her legs buckle, and she winces as the hard wooden implement crashes down across her sore buttocks.
Kitty KellySizzled, Roasted, And Red BunsThis Movie features Kitty Kelly from 'Drop Those Jeans' parts 1 and 2. Kitty is in a whole lot of trouble as she just started college and she's already in trouble with the powers that be. Well, Step-Daddy swings into action with his hand taking right over the knee for a darn good spanking.
Rosaleen YoungVictoria SOLClothes Thief / How Dare YouLittle brat Rosaleen Young is in trouble again. Looks like she hasn't learned anything from her previous corporal punishments at all. This time she is going to feel the strap on her burning bare buttocks.
Pandora BlakeZoe MontanaDOS Classics - Tammy's Shame at Dreams of SpankingTammy's aunt is so strict. She won't even let her wear skirts inside the house. Ms Howard believes that having her knickers on display will teach Tammy some humility. Plus, it means she can't leave the house without asking permission - unless she wants to walk out of the door in her underwear!
Stevie RoseVeda RoseBedtime Beatings Two - Step Sisters Suffer Together - Stevie Rose - Veda RoseVeda is draped across Stevie's lap, held in place for the cruel strap. When she kicks defiantly under the pain, her thighs are punished as Stevie looks on miserably. Veda cries out as her succulent bottom and thighs are punished. She promises to get along as she cries through her final strokes.

Previous Updates

SunnyWhen You Live In This House - On The ThighsSunny has been on worse behavior and her bare behind will pay the price! She was spanked the night before, as a way to prepare her for what would be a long and painful spanking, one that she would remember. Sunny is placed over the ottoman and in his mind, Daddy knows what he is going to do.
New Model Summer MarshallWear Ladylike Panties - Part 1The night before they spoke on the phone and Ziva explains to Summer about the punishment they are to receive the next day. It's Summer's first spanking and she's anxious about the experience. Zive tells her she will be spanked, paddled and belted and then Ziva will follow.
Lily SwanPosing Punishment For LilyLily Swan is back in another Exercise & Discipline series - but this one has a slight twist. Lily actually does fitness bikini posing for real, and this is one of the beautiful competition bikinis that she uses. This film starts with her posing and practicing the many move sets in front of a mirror.
WillowZoe PageA Leather Strap, A Bare Bottom And A Brat Learns That Spanking WorksFaerie Willow may be at college, but she's not too old to have her bare booty soundly strapped in College Girl Discipline. Lying on a desk, she's told to pull down her jeans and panties for a stinging two-tailed leather tawse to be used across both trembling buttocks by Zoe Page.
Paige SOLPaige's Naughty KnickersPaige thought she was long past the age of getting her bottom spanked. When caught stealing it was made clear that no she was not too old! Made to wear an embarrassing pair of knickers that were cut out so only her buttocks were exposed she had to bend over for an over due spanking to her cheeks.
The Correction Administrator - Part 1Jodie has been found guilty of various offenses and sentenced to corporal punishment and an appointment with the correction administrator. Once Jodie has been stripped naked the correction administrator puts her over the knee for a sound spanking.
Raven MackenzieVandal Spanked By SecurityRaven has been caught by campus security on CCTV vandalizing school property as part of a freshman hazing. Security officer Justin takes the naughty girl over his lap using his heavy hand to smack her bottom without mercy.
New Model Faith ShalynnNew Model Paula DiamondPaula Spanked AgainPaula Diamond returns home after getting spanked at the store for shoplifting. The store called, but her step-sister Faith Shalynn took the message. Paula gets Faith to promise not to tell their mom, but the cost is a spanking on her already sore bottom. Faith even uses her hairbrush.
Emily ParkerJenna AshleySnow MercyClare Fonda Classics - Visit Home - Day 1Snow Mercy plays mom to Emily Parker and Jenna Ashley (in her first ever spanking scene). The two sisters are home from college when they start fighting about who took mom's car back in the day. Mom gets fed up with their constant bickering.
Casey CalvertClare FondaClare Fonda Classics - A Mothers ConcernCasey Calvert has a friend over and when Veronica acts up while Clare arrives to give Casey her nightly spanking, Clare decides Veronica is in need of a long, hard spanking, with hand and hairbrush. Then Casey gets her turn to get spanked in her drop-seat pajamas.
CherryElori StixMiss BernadetteSlutty Friends Spanked By MomCherry and Elori are having a sleepover and have decided to sneak out. Returning home at 4am they are confronted by Elori's angry mom who has been waiting up for them. When she raises her daughter's skirt she is shocked to find no panties... How dare she not wear them!
Ella RaineKiki CaliLilithLynn RSNew Model Maggy RSMona RSReal Spankings - Exclusive Updates - Part 31Preview from Real Spankings, one of the biggest membership sites for corporal punishments and spanking video downloads. They offer a massive amount of more than 1,300s Punishment Video Scenes and 10,000s of Photos.
Stevie RoseStevie Rose Naughty List Paddling - OTK Pajama PaddlingRed plaid pajama pants outline Stevie's curly little bottom, thin fabric skin tight for the paddle. A wooden paddle swats her deserving cheeks as she lays across daddy's lap. The swats fall firmly, flattening her pert little bottom. Rolling up his sleeves, she knows she's in for a thorough paddling.
Miss LovecraftSage PillarZelda ElaineTime For The Paddle - Parent's Credit Card FinaleAfter being spanked, belted and strapped by the Resort Disciplinarian, Sage and Zelda drape themselves over the couch, bare bottoms up and open, and take a good paddling from the leather teardrop.
Jenna JayA Poor Girl SpankedJenna has been in hospital overnight because she drunk far too much at a party. Mum comes along to see and is furious with her wayward child. She gives her a hard spanking and paddling on her hands and bottom.
Red IIIMotivational College Punishment #2 - Vol 2Previously Red needed some assistance with passing her classes and she felt that corporal punishment would be her best bet for motivation. And while the spanking did help, she found that ongoing motivation would be needed as she was falling behind in her classes.
AmbereKyle JohnsonPOV Series: Dirty Dish-AplineKyle furiously calls Ambere into the kitchen to ask why in the hell the dishes are still piled up when she promised to do them before he got home. He turns her around in her cute apron and spanks her from his point of view, so all spanks are seen firsthand.
Ella RaineSky TerrapinSpanked Or BenchedElla goes over the lap of her stern coach and takes a spanking over her tight panties before the discipline continues with more hard hand smacks across her bare bottom. She is left to contemplate her future whilst being allowed to rub and soothe her aching, burning cheeks before being sent home.
Andi SwitchMiss LinaCompany Money - Part 2Lina calls Leia's co-worker Andi in to the office to explain herself. Andi is reluctant to admit that she has taken the money from petty cash so Lina puts her over her knee for a bare bottom spanking followed by a good strapping. Final Andi admits to taking the money to help Leia out.
SunnyPrepared For The Cane, By The CaneWhat is the best way to prepare for an impending judicial punishment with the cane? Well, some might say to have some coffee or to meditate, but Sunny chose to take the cane to prepare her for punishment!
FukaMainaNew Model ShioTeacher And Students Reunited - Part 2Second half of 'Teacher and Students Reunited'. After spanking Maina, the teacher gets Fuka over her knee. The reunion of teacher and students ends up with a spanking.
SunnyWhen You Live In This House - On The ThighsSunny has been on worse behavior and her bare behind will pay the price! She was spanked the night before, as a way to prepare her for what would be a long and painful spanking, one that she would remember. Sunny is placed over the ottoman and in his mind, Daddy knows what he is going to do.

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ADVERTIZE HEREJulie Manners is used to teasing her boyfriend to near insanity with her luscious little body and flirtatious ways. But one afternoon, she goes too far, blatantly coming onto him, then laughing at his desire. It's the last straw as far as Rick is concerned and he takes her over his knee to air his displeasure, via a very hard spanking, starting on her skirt, progressing to her cute panties, then vigorously proceeding to her beautiful, curvaceous bare bottom. Determined to spank the provocative coed until she yields a few concessions, Rick doesn't spare his hand.TermsLegal InfoPrivacyCookiesDMCASite LinksNews PageFree SitesNew ModelsFriend's SitesLinksSearchWebmasterAbout UsAdvertize With UsLink ExchangeBuy this domainSocialNewsletterShareContact