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Britney Light Spanking Positions

Sarah Gregory, Britney Light, diaper position, f/f, pussy spanking, spanking, wheelbarrow

Britney Light is a smoking hot young model who we discovered likes to be spanked. However, she really likes to be spanked by Sarah Gregory! They have worked together before and have a real chemstry, so it only made sense to film something very special and super sexy. So please welcome Britney, the latest addition to the 'Positions' series and newest member of the AAA Wheelbarrow Club! She is spanked in 3 super erotic spanking positions by Sarah, who takes her time caressing, massaging, and turning Britney's cheeks a colorful glowing red by the end.Sarah also does not forget that Britney's exposed pussy needs some attention too, as you will see! This full length film features a 'Wheelbarrow Spanking', a fully bared 'On All Fours Spanking' and finally a rather naughty revealing 'Diaper Positional Spanking' allowing Britney to watch Sarah playing with her! If you love sexually explicit all girl spanking films you will not want to miss this one!

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