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Starting theParty Early

Spanking preview video, from Sarah Gregory Spanking, with:Alice

Alice is flown in by Mr. Rob for a spanking house party he is having all expenses paid in exchange for helping. Helping includes preparing some of the food as well as cleaning up a bit before the guests arrive. Well....isn's Rob un-pleasantly surprised when he finds her sitting on the messy counter watching a video on her phone to learn how to tie her cute school tie. She proclaims that she needs to be ready when everyone arrives. He is very upset as her version of getting ready means doing the things she agreed to in the deal.He takes her over his lap and states that 'this spanking party is starting early' She protests and wiggles around as she wants to save her bottom for playing later. Well, Rob doesn't give into her cute pleas, he continues to spank her bottom until it is rosy red. He then bends her over the chair and takes his stingy leather belt to her already sore bottom. This party surely has started early on poor Alice's bottom.

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