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Amber's Wheelbarrow Spanking

Sarah Gregory, Amber, spanking, f/f, wheelbarrow, tattoos

Over the years, we would like to think that some of our best known films have come from just one revealing and unusual spanking position - the 'wheelbarrow'. But before we continue, we'll just have a little bit of fun with our usual dumb Russian pirates that steal our content and we'll insert this passage as most of them won't know, LOL! Okay, back to the storyline: Nowadays, we don't produce as many of these types of films... But when we do, we know they will be memorable. Take this latest first time wheelbarrow spanking for someone who we have admired for a very long time.Namely, Amber Dawn, possessing one of the most spankable booties to ever have graced our website. She provides her tempting bared bottom to Sarah Gregory who knows exactly how to spank girls in this most precarious and revealing of positions. Even Amber felt a little embarrassed and exposed, not something she was used to. We adore this position as it is a completely submissive experience for those who have never tried it before! Amber's bouncing booty jiggles, twerks and wobbles to perfection as Sarah's expert hands redden every spankable part of Amber's bubble butt!We say this everytime, but if you like these sort of all girl spankings, then do not miss this is epic!

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