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Stevie's Limit Test Pt 1: Hard Hand Spanking & Thick Otk Paddle

Stevie Rose, Kyle Johnson, m/f, otk, paddle, severe, spanking

In Pt. 1 of Stevie's Limit Test, Stevie asks Kyle to devise a harsh enough spanking for her that it will test her limits as a bottom (purely limits of spanking of course) and he obliges. He takes the cute girl over his knee and spanks her soundly over panties and bare bottom as hard as he can with his hand until her bottom is glowing and she is out of breath. Then he picks up the wooden thick otk paddle and proceeds to BLISTER her bare bottom with it over and over til she is squealing and squirming, yet not using her safe word, which when used, will get her mouth soaped if she doesn't make it through the whole thing.A VERY intense spanking that tests the limits of an experienced spankee...

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