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Decoy Disaster

Stevie Rose, Karmin, Kyle Johnson, m/f, otk, spanking

Kyle is having a frustrating time ordering a pizza when someone knocks on his door. Its a pretty young girl who says her car has broken down outside in his fancy neighborhood and she needs to use his phone. This girl, however, immeadiatly forgets the phone call and trys to pick up on the flustered man. He says he has a girlfriend and refuses her when she trys to take him into the bedroom. Stevie (his girlfriend) pops out excited, saying he passed the test: The loyalty test. An angry Kyle, realizing he has been played, decides to teach Stevie a lesson by spanking her high school friend first over her short shorts, than over her panties, than onto her BRIGHT RED BARE BOTTOM as she protests and Stevie watches unconcerned with her wellbeing.A funny but stern spanking scene, which will leave you laughing and wincing at the same time.

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