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The Horrible Wait

Johanna Sullivan, Kyle Johnson, m/f, otk, spanking, unusual implements

In 'The Horrible Wait', Johanna is last in line to be punished by her tutor Kyle from her classes poor behavior. She sits in the empty room, listening to her friends spanked in the distance. The scene opens on the clock as time ticks away on Johannas ability to sit. She sits silently lost in thought and nervously clenching her sweaty palms as she awaits her name being called for what she has been told is a SEVERE bare bottom punishment with metal implements. TICK TOCK TICK TOCK.. Time keeps ticking..Than.... 'JOHANNA SULLIVAN, ITS YOUR TURN. STAND UP, HEAD TO THE BACK!'. The spanking leaves her bruised, in tears and promising to be good, only to fall on her tutors unwavering ears as he punishes her as he did her friends immediately prior.

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