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Mommy's Spoiled Brat Spanked In Jodhpurs

Eris Martinet, Helen Stephens, f/f, otk, outdoor, riding crop, spanking, jodhpurs

Another week and 2 more stunning debutantes to our site as Helen Stephens plays the ever so spoiled little brat of an increasingly frustrated and fed up mother, Eris Martinet - Mommy tries to please her spoiled precious daughter... But as is often the case, Helen's attention span is nothing to be proud of. Those horse riding lessons that she so desperately wanted previously, begging for months to have them, are now just another activity she is bored of... And she shows her displeasure by throwing a tantrum in front of Mommy.Helen continues to brat and pout and Mommy has had enough of this ridiculous behavior. She decides to teach her wayward out of control brat a lesson in manners and decorum. Helen is spanked over her jodhpurs but worse is to come as Mommy requires that her daughter gets an old fashioned spanking punishment on the bare bottom. The distraught daughter realizes too late that her poor behavior has painful consequences. Her quivering, exposed bottom is spanked over Mommy's lap and then given the riding crop with the full force of a caning!How embarrassing for Helen, who finally learns that she can't always have her own way!

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