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Kami Robertson - The Night Nurse

Kami Robertson, spanking, whipping, f/f, otk, prison

Prisoner Kami Robertson is curled up on the lower bunk in her prison cell - sleeping but restless in her sleep. When her cell door is opened it startles her, but she has no time to rub the sleep from her eyes - as she is pulled roughly out of her bed by Matron and Prison Officer Kennedy. They have come to put her through yet another inquisition. Matron's hands are all over her body - squeezing her tits and poking her fat fingers into the poor girl's pussy. When she protests, matron reminds her that she can do whatever she sees fit and as she was not wearing the regulation nightdress - it just makes it easier for Matron to get to her various body parts.Both Matron and Prison Officer Kennedy have no respect for Kami, this is because of her job as a journalist - she came into the Bars and Stripes Prison of her own freewill - poking and prying into how the prisoners are treated while in prison. So, she was now a prisoner and learning first hand what goes on behind the locked doors. Now, because of not giving the right answers and swearing and cussing at Matron and Officer Kennedy, she is subjected to a flogging by matron. This is followed by an over the knee hand spanking by Officer Kennedy.She is crouching on the floor and Matron insists that she shows Officer Kennedy some respect by apologizing to him. Only when she apologizes to him - calls him 'Sir' and has no sarcasm in her voice is she allowed to put on her nightdress and get into bed. However as it is 4 o'clock in the morning - she is only going to get two more hours sleep at the most.

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