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The Humiliation

Kami Robertson, spanking, m/f, f/f, caning, medical examination, prison, uniform

Matron is in the Medical Centre - she is preparing for her next patient. When Officer Stephen Lewis comes in, he's brought the patient. She hasn't come willingly and is struggling, swearing and protesting. Matron tells her to strip and she refuses point blank. However, when Officer Lewis offers to help her, she feels humiliated and starts to remove her clothing. Taking off the red prison dress - she flings it at Matron. But Matron is having none of it and tells her to fold it up neatly. She does so with very bad grace, then adds the rest of her clothes to the pile.Now standing stark naked in front of Matron and Officer Lewis, she is feeling scared and vulnerable - although she tries not to show her fear. Matron wastes no time in telling her why she is in this position - as a journalist she has managed to get into the prison and has been busy taking notes while listening to the prisoners telling her about the conditions in prison - Kami Robertson intends to tell the world what happens behind the prison walls. Now, she is going to find out first hand. Matron wants to give her a medical examination and tells her to lie on the bed.Kami Robertson doesn't make it easy - not for Matron or Officer Lewis and definitely not for herself. Officer Lewis has to forcefully hold her down during the physical examination, including holding her ankles and spreading her legs wide. Under threat of having various body parts broken, she has no choice but to allow the examination to take place. She swears but under her breath - Matron has very sharp hearing and uses a cane on her poor bottom. The cane keeps making contact with her wriggling bottom until she says sorry.However, both Matron and Officer Lewis suddenly become deaf and say they can't hear her, so she has to keep repeating it. When Matron and Officer Lewis become tired of playing with her, she is told she is going to spend some time in a real prison cell. Matron tells her she's going to need something to wear during the night and searches in a cupboard until she finds a shapeless, drab grey garment and sniffs at it - deciding it smells too clean and fresh. So she stuffs it up her skirt and rubs it against her pussy.Now it's ready for Kami to put on and give a twirl. Beaten and humiliated she is led out of the Medical Centre to a prison cell.

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