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Sister Sister, Solitary Day 1-3

Zoe Page, Byrne, spanking, m/f, f/f, paddle, prison, uniform

Prisoner Byrne is in solitary confinement, which gives her plenty of time to think about why she's in such a miserable situation. Officer Stephen Lewis visits her each day to punish her and persuade her to give loyalty to him and the other prison staff. She has been misguided in the past and showed her allegiance to some fellow prisoners instead. On day one, he orders her to crawl out of her cage and he pulls her knickers down to mid thigh and using his big hard hand he further reddens her already sore bottom.However, she obstinately refuses to give in - so he orders her to get back into her cage and the metal barred door clangs shut and she is left alone again. On day two, Officer Lewis again visits her. Once she is released from her cage - she is again spanked by him, but this time he uses a leather paddle on her sore bottom. On this day, he goads her. How come her sister has turned out such a fine upstanding citizen while she is just scum? She's unable to answer that question. Day three she has another visitor - Officer Zoe Harrison - her sister.Officer Harrison uses a riding crop to whip her sister's bottom. There is obviously no love lost between the two sisters. Poor prisoner Byrne has five years to endure of this torture. Will she give in and become a model prisoner?

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