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Sarah Gregory - Intake Day

Sarah Gregory, Zoe Page, spanking, m/f, strap, prison, uniform

Prison Officer Kennedy is sat at his desk in the interview room. He's waiting to welcome Bars and Stripes Prison's newest recruit. The door is roughly pushed open and Prison Officer Page drags in a struggling protesting Sarah Gregory. Sarah is protesting that there's been a mistake made - she's just an American tourist and she just doesn't know what happened and why is she in prison? Officer Page smirks smugly as Officer Kennedy patiently explains to Sarah that she is on remand until her actual trial date which could be in three to six months time - therefore meanwhile she is to be accommodated in Bars and Stripes Prison, reputed to be the best and most successful prison in the UK.Sarah insists that there has been a mistake made and she starts demanding that she be sent back to the States. Officer Kennedy is on a short fuse and it doesn't take long for him to lose patience with her. So he believes that there is no time like the present - and an introductory spanking is called for. Poor Sarah finds herself bent over the desk receiving a hand spanking. Her struggles and squeals of pain are ignored. Eventually she thinks its over - but it's not, it's just a change of spanker, as Officer Page takes over further reddening her bottom.Then before she is to be escorted to her room she has to change into her new outfit. Prison Officers Kennedy and Page laugh at her, when she quite innocently asks where the changing room is. And Officer Kennedy stops laughing to tell her her privacy was left outside the prison. So before an appreciative audience of two - she undresses and puts on her new clothes. As she takes off each item of her own clothing she throws it in Officer Kennedy's face. He doesn't say anything. When she removes her very expensive high-heeled shoes, Officer Page pounces on them.However, once she is fully dressed. The spanking starts again because in the few minutes she's been in the interview room and heard the rules and regulations of prison life explained to her, she's broken a total of fifteen of those rules. By the time Officer Page has delivered the final spanks to her sore bottom - she is subdued and no longer protesting. And she is dragged out of the interview room - heading for her own private suite.

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