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Saffy Crotched

Leia Ann Woods, Saffy McKenna, spanking, f/f, caning, strap, prison, uniform

Prison Officer Madame Zoe has forcibly brought prisoners Saffy McKenna and Leia Ann Woods into the prison sickbay. Both girls have previously been involved in drug dealing that at the time died down, but since McKenna came into the prison - has started up again. So Matron has been instructed by the Prison Governor to examine both girls inside and out. They are ordered to strip. Matron starts searching McKenna first. Putting on rubber gloves she goes on the hunt for hidden drugs up the girl's arse.But finds nothing. Despite denying having drugs inside her, Woods is found to be a liar - when matron withdraws a small packet from up her arse. Now what Matron needs to know is where they are coming from? After caning Woods until her bottom is bright red and very sore, the truth comes out or partially. Woods explains to Matron that when McKenna came into prison the two girls struck up a friendship. During conversation they found they had some mutual friends on the outside. So unknown to McKenna - Woods got some drugs smuggled into the prison - with the intention of dealing with the other prisoners.Having given this information to Matron, Woods refuses to name names regarding whom the outside contact is. Both girls are then marched off to see the Governor.

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