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Jenna Jay - Intake Day

Jenna Jay, Zoe Page, spanking, f/f, m/f, strap, uniform, prison

Prisoner Jenna Jay has just been sentenced to ten years in prison.Now standing slouching in front of Prison Officer Stephen Lewis and Prison Officer Zoe Page, it doesn't take them long to realise that this young lady has a high opinion of herself. In fact she agrees with a remark that Officer Lewis makes that she knows she is special. She is off on the wrong foot from word go. She was found guilty of killing a man, who just happened to be a close personal friend of Officer Lewis's - therefore she's in trouble.Officers Lewis and Page decide to knock the cockiness out of her by giving her a sore bottom. Although she cries out each time Officer Page's hard hand makes contact with her rapidly reddening bottom, she denies that it is hurting her, even when Officer Page proudly shows Officer Lewis the bruising - she puts on a brave face. There is a short break from the spanking, when she is given her prison uniform and ordered to change into it immediately. Unfortunately, the zip on her prison uniform sticks and Officer Page has to help her sort it out.She has to stand with her arms spread while Prison Officer Page checks her new uniform for fit etc. A sarcastic remark from the feisty new prisoner results in her being bent over the desk for a further bottom warming. The two Prison Officers are convinced that she is challenging them. So they are determined to spank the cockiness out of her. However, a chance remark from the prisoner is that she enjoys being spanked - therefore, they decide to leave it for another day, as they have no intention of giving her pleasure.She is then taken to her cell - that is going to be her home for the next ten years.

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