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Irelynn Logeen - Intake Day

Zoe Page, Irelynn, spanking, f/f, strap, prison

It's Intake Day for Prisoner Irelynn Logeen Number 4235. Prison Officer Harrison brings her into the interrogation room. She stands in front of Prison Officer Lewis's Desk, her wrists handcuffed together behind her back. He explains to her that this get together is normal for all new prisoners - that it's necessary to tell her about the rules at Bars and Stripes Prison. That by keeping on the right side of these rules, her time spent in the prison will be a lot easier than if she breaks the rules - then the prison officers will break her.When he asks her has he made himself clear, she answers 'yes sir,' but he's not convinced that she is sincere and Officer Harrison agrees with him. Therefore, Officer Lewis is going to teach her a lesson. Still handcuffed she's pushed face down over the desk and he gives her a thrashing with a leather strap. It's Officer Harrison who suggests that she might feel the strapping if her jeans are pulled down. So Officer Lewis gives her the job. Pushed back over the desk, the strapping continues and gives her an even sorer looking bottom.But when Irelynn makes a detrimental remark about Officer Harrison - Officer Lewis hands her the strap and allows her to carry on with the punishment. In the end Irelynn is verbally showing more respect, so she is helped to stand up by gentleman Stephen Lewis. He then asks Officer Harrison to take the cuffs off her, so that she can change into her prison uniform. Yet defiant to the end, Prisoner Logeen informs Officers Lewis and Harrison that she will not be giving them any information about her crime.They say she will. A battle of wills - which will win?

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