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Fox Solitary Day Two

Aleesha Fox, spanking, m/f, strap, prison, uniform

Prisoner Aleesha Fox is ready bound to a stool - black knickered bottom stuck out ready for whatever punishment Prison Officer Lewis deems fit to give her. He comes into the solitary cell carrying a supple leather strap. She shudders when she sees it and knows it's going to hurt, but she's unable to do anything about it. As the leather strap strikes her poor defenceless bottom she moans and grits her teeth. But Officer Lewis carries on strapping her. Conversationally he tells her that Prison Officer Dodge - a junior officer had mentioned that she had good oral skills.But her response to this piece of information was not complimentary regarding Officer Dodge. Unfortunately, saying anything derogatory about the members of staff at Bars and Stripes Prison results in even more strokes of the strap. Officer Lewis pulls down her knickers in order to deliver them. By the time he decides she's had enough for that day, her bottom is looking very sore. Being the perfect gentleman that he is - Officer Lewis pulls her knickers back up - smoothing them out over her sore bottom.Then he leaves her alone - still bound to the spanking stool. She looks apprehensive, not knowing how long she's going to be left like that.

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