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Backfire Part 2

Spanking and whipping, preview video and images, FEATURING:Niki Flynn

Prisoner Niki Flynn - Number 4222 knocks timidly on the office door of the Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison. When he shouts, 'enter,' she sidles in. He has summonsed her to his office - she has caused him and the prison staff some aggro and he intends to make her pay for it. On his desk he has as he refers to it - set out his stall. There is an assortment of implements that he intends to use on her bottom. He tells her that he intends to punish her himself, in his own way - in his own time. At first he has her bent over his desk for a hand spanking on her bare bottom.Once her bottom is a deep rosy red, he starts methodically using the various instruments of pain and torture. Niki tries her best to be brave and take her punishment without fuss, but as the pain builds up she finds herself pleading for it to stop. However, the Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison has no intention of stopping the spanking / flogging / strapping until he thinks she has had enough. He's in his element - he's enjoying himself, so why should he stop? But, he eventually does stop - after all he's not an evil man.He has her stand in a corner with her knickers pulled down to her knees - her bright red bottom is on display. He sits at his desk ignoring her while getting on with some paperwork.

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