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Be Careful

Elin, spanking, m/f, belt spanking, leather belt, severe

Elin is working on her laptop, a glass of coke on the table next to her. Headmaster Tom brings her an extremely valuable document that needs some typing doing. He tells her to be very careful as it's the only copy and it's worth thousands of dollars. She promises him to guard it with her life. She's frustrated as the computer is playing up. So, while waving her arms about, oops! She knocks over the glass and the dark liquid spreads across the desk, soaking into the document and dripping down onto the wooden floor.She's horrified, what can she do? Phoning HM Tom, she tells him there has been an accident. He looks down at the ruined contract and tells her he's not annoyed, he's livid. He contacts Steve and asks if it's possible to provide another contract. To his relief the answer is yes. However, Elin has to be taught to be more careful. He starts off by hand spanking her then tells her to take all her clothes off. She is instructed to lie over the table with a sofa cushion under her tummy. Pulling his belt from its loops, he doubles it and lays it across her already very sore bottom.Time after time, the belt makes contact with her bottom. With a final five extra hard strokes, he tosses the belt down onto the table. Telling her to finish cleaning the floor, he leaves.

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