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Cheer Sex Scandal

Sarah Gregory, Elle Bea, spanking, f/f, otk, cheerleader, wooden paddle

Head Cheerleader, Elle Bea, had been called to meet with coach Gregory yet again for a discipline session. However, this time, Elle had gone too far and had involved all of her squad in what could only be described as a sex scandal. They had always had problems raising money for the team so Elle thought it would be 'wise' to hire out the girls in their uniforms at a Bachelor's Party! Needless to say it made the local media and had brought the school's reputation into disrepute. This time Elle was going to get the dreaded 'Bad Cheerleader' paddle across her bare bottom only a day after her last punishment.Sarah Gregory doesn't hold back as Elle is given a humiliating scolding, spanking and paddling that Elle won't forget in a hurry!

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