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Dorothys art project

Alex Reynolds, Dorothy Burnett, spanking, f/f, otk

High school student Dorothy invited her classmate, Bambi over after school to pose for photographs that Dorothy was taking for her school art project. The pictures start out very tame, but once Dorothy suggests that her theme is 'rebellious school girl' things begin to get a little more heated. When she tells her friend that she wants to take some more risqu pictures for her 'personal portfolio', the art project turns into a cute and flirty school girl strip tease, as Dorothy casually suggests that Bambi should undress to her white training bra and panties, and then ends with her fully nude except for her school tie.It's unfortunate for the two girls that it is while they're in this state that Dorothy's grown up sister, Alex, gets home. She is not pleased to see a naked school girl in her living room, especially not being photographed by her little sister! Dorothy's pleas that it's 'for art!' fall on deaf ears, and Alex decides that both girls need to be punished. First, she takes Dorothy over her lap for a spanking while Bambi, still totally undressed, watches nervously. Then, it's Bambi's turn. She is spanked in the nude while Dorothy watches very carefully.Alex doesn't stop after spanking both girls, though. She makes them bend over the table one by one for a dose of the strap to ensure that they learn their lesson and do not try something like this again, especially for school!

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