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Failing The Team...

October 2021

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Exclusive High Quality Previews from the Best Spanking Sites around the world

On this page we are presenting you the latest new videos from the spanking scene. We are scanning the market for new spanking productions on a daily basis, for updating this page several times a day. Spanking24.com stands for quality spanking videos from quality spanking producers. Check the latest updates below and enjoy!

Helen StephensSoriaFailing The TeamThe Cheer Coach has had enough and takes Helen aside for a short sharp scolding discipline before spanking the sassy brat out in the open. Soria, the cheer coach, has a wicked scolding technique as well as a tough spanking arm making this a hugely enjoyable all girl uniform discipline film.
Pandora BlakeSarah GregoryA God-Fearing Christian GirlJohn is a modern, progressive kind of guy - and he's running a modern, progressive kind of farm. When his business is in trouble, his friend Sarah Gregory agrees to help him out - but a bare-bottom hairbrush spanking from Pandora Blake wasn't exactly part of the deal...
Clara HewittFaerie WillowPunished for PlagiarizingWillow has been caught with essays that she found on the internet. Not only is she using these for herself, but she is selling them to other students. Miss Matthews is livid and invites her father in to discuss this with him. He is shocked and agrees to watch her receive a corporal punishment.
Ivy SherwoodPajamas Down - Paddled And Pleasures - Ivy SherwoodPicking up a thick wood paddle, Ivy gasps at the first impact. Ragged breathing as she tries to absorb the punishing swats, whimpering over his lap. Some hand spanking, his hand trails to pet her pussy, working her into a frenzy. Will he let her cum??
Zoe VandolofSpank My Lady Parts - ZoeZoe Vandolof is given a very pleasurable and intimate spanking on her lady parts after her ass has been busted earlier. She squirms and coos from climax to climax. This is a very erotic spanking video.
Karen SOLLibrary AssistantWith a new library assistant , they go over the expectations and when they don't do a good job they get spanked! Jemma goes over the knee for a demonstration how it's done and Karen also bends over for some hand smacks! So they know what they get if they step out of line!
New Model Dylan RollinsDylan's Punishment DayThe film is in 4 distinct parts and this scene includes her OTK spanking in which he doesn't hold back. Dylan still isn't behaving, so in the 2nd scene he fetches the Family Cane, bends her over a chair, proceeding to mark and welt her already sore and reddened cheeks.
Clare FondaNikki SweetCreepy Doll SpankingIt is a little bit funny, a little bit scary and very painful. New girl Nikki Sweet becomes the new roommate to Clare Fonda, who has creepy dolls on her wall. When Nikki insults the dolls, crazy Clare puts Nikki over her knee for a spanking that turns that sexy bottom bright red.
Lux LivesVeronica RicciVeronica Spanks Lux In Laundry RoomLux Lives was supposed to do the laundry for the sorority. She messed things up badly. Sorority President Veronica Ricci pays her a visit in the laundry room where she puts the tall, naughty lady over her knee for a painful spanking that turns her bottom bright red.
IrisSnow MercyMadam Snow Punishes Iris In DungeonIris has been skimming 34 dollars off each client. Madam Sow bends Iris over and spanks her hard with her hand and a leather strap. Then she has Iris count out 34 hard swats the a large wooden paddle. Iris learns her lesson and will never skim again!
Lucy LaurenZoe PageA Wooden Paddle Meets Lucy Lauren's Bouncing Bottom In PrisonCalling your guard at Correctional Institute a whore when you're already on minimum rations and sleep-deprived can only lead to one thing - corporal punishment. Lucy Lauren dreads a visit from guard Zoe Page but, even when she sees the wooden paddle, she can't keep her mouth shut.
Ella RaineKaitlynn RSKiki CaliLilithTerah RSReal Spankings - Exclusive Updates - Part 24Preview from Real Spankings, one of the biggest sites for corporal punishment, spanking video downloads. Massive amount of 1,000s of High Quality Videos and 10,000s of Photos.
B The Bar - Outdoor WhippingClassic video from Whipped Women. Young lady bent over the bar for an extensive and harsh outdoor whipping on her bare buttocks. Screaming and tears won't help, this won't finish before the bottom is fully whipped and sore.
Belinda LawsonTotally Nude Spanking For Belinda Lawson - Is It A Dream, Or A NightmareBelinda Lawson's unique Discipline Matters series continues with a dream sequence! Tossing and turning in bed, Belinda is yanked totally nude from her slumbers to be put across a man's knee for a resounding spanking.
Samantha BSarah GregorySarah The BratSarah struggles and kicks which only makes Mommy more upset. She is told to pull down her tight jeans so the spanking can continue on her panties with the hairbrush. Now the hairbrush is used with even more vigor across her exposed bare cheeks. How humiliating!
Dr. LompNataly GoldHot Bird Is Back - Natalie Gold's Return - Part 1Stunning porn star Nataly Gold decides to get back in her cage in Graias Studio, since she has missed to serve Dr Lomp, and desires to submit her perfect body to the talented master's exciting torments once again.
Bri CrawfordWhat Goes On Tour Stays On TourBri was using a fake ID to attempt to get into a gig. Much to Paul's embarrassment he was summoned to collect Bri by security. Back at the hotel, a pajama'd Bri is about to receive a bedtime spanking for her duplicity and disobedience! No, Bri, it's not chill!
Chelsea PfeifferMaddy MarksSpanked For Scratching The CarMaddy borrows Chelsea's car and returns it with a scratch on the bumper... Really? It's time for a hard hand spanking for the careless girl. This hand spanking leaves Maddy's bottom tender and hot!
New Model Rose IIReal Discipline Series: Rose's Guilt Part 1In this serious Real Discipline Session 'Rose's Guilt', Rose receives a very long discussion with a very long handspanking, first over her tight blue jeans and then onto her panties and bare bottom.
Stevie RoseHarsh Personal Training - Prison Strapping - Part 2The unbearable sting of the strap on her spandex covered bottom is about to get much worse. Stevie whimpers as the giant strap collides, leaving angry red welts with each stroke. Her pretty round cheeks are scalded angry red, framed by her tiny cotton thong.
Erica SOLErica ThrashedErica is put over the knee for a hand spanking thrashing on her bare ass, getting redder and sore with every smack! She is put in the corner and then kneeled over the chair for a strapping lesson so she won't ever do it again, or she'll get double!
HanneShowers Not AllowedHanne is in the shower when she's actually not suppose to be. She knows that this incident will be punished, right there in the bathroom, no way out. She has to bend over and take a proper hand spanking on her wet bare bottom!
AiruRemiDiscipline Naughty MotherAiru is the young mother of a naughty boy. One day her son injures the neighbor. Airu is called to the house and is given a sound spanking for her bad attitude.
New Model Ivy RaineLucy LaurenZoe PageZoe's Ambition And Ruthlessness Mean An Embarrassing Spanking For Ivy RaineBent over a desk with her creamy, jiggling bottom on show, Ivy Raine considers her financial dishonesty and infidelity as ambitious exec Zoe Page spanks her in No Room at the Top. Zoe has information that would destroy Ivy's career and wants a promotion, so a spanking won't be enough.

Previous Updates

New Model Becci BelacquaKelley MayRazor Strop SnapIt's time for school, but Rebecca is still sat on her bed in her PJs messing around on her phone. Her mother Kelley has been more than patient, but enough is enough - and when it transpires that this isn't the first time the wayward teen has been late, there's really only one possible solution.
Kiki CaliSlutty Kiki SpankedKiki and her boyfriend Ethan are on vacation in Vegas. They are spending a night out at the casino and Kiki has decided to dress like a slut! After scolding her, he takes his slutty girlfriend over his lap for a hard and humiliating spanking and paddling.
Dani DanielsHellen BakerFHS Classics - Dani Daniels Spanks Hellen Baker With A Bath BrushDani Daniels is mad as hell that nanny Hellen Baker is flirting with her husband. Taking Hellen's wooden hairbrush, Dani spanks her 226 times over her knee to a deep rosy red. Nanny Diaries is a bottom burning video with hot babe Dani Daniels in control!
CeceChelsea PfeifferDo I Have To Tell You? - Part OneCece has a problem remembering little things and is constantly asking Chelsea to remind her...over and over. So, ever so patiently Chelsea took forgetful and bothersome Cece over her knee for a much needed harder reminder!
Masie DeeMasie Dee IntroductionIn this 8 minute long introduction, we meet Masie Dee, a cute spunky girl who has always had an interest in spanking. We find out in the pre-spanking interview that since she has NEVER been spanked before and only fantasized about it, she must take a full spanking in order to get the job.
ArielLady AmandaTreasure Hunt - DuelThe new Treasure Hunt game became a great success, and now we publish a special episode of this game: a duel between Amanda and Ariel. After they failed in each game, we decided to give them another opportunity to win $20,000 in this special, duel format of our newest game.
Sarah GregoryNew Model Sunny DaysSunny Days Spanking PositionsPlease welcome Sunny Days in her amazing debut with us here at AAA. As we often do, the best way to introduce a newcomer to the site is by our Popular 'Positions' series... it's a no-nonsense way of seeing a lady spanked in a variety of our favorite spanking positions.
Skylar RoseStevie RoseHeld In Place For Bare Bottom Discipline - Stevie And Skylar Rose - Too Big For Her Britches - Part 3With her panties around her ankles, Skylar is held firmly over Stevie's lap. The sound of his belt sliding through the loops sends a familiar chill through her. Thick leather collides with her poor bare bottom. The lesson is finished with a big paddle blistering her bare bottom.
Arielle LaneCarolinaShorts Five - Wet Butt Bare Butt PaddlingFrom Carolina's Butt Whoppin, this hard paddling, 10 across her bottom with wet panties stretched across it, and 10 on the bare, is hard and direct and you will see the markings quickly. The hard licks from the wood paddle make her ass jump every swat. She howls.
Laura LuxMommy's Regression Session StevieIf the spankings don't work then mommy will get her wooden backed hairbrush and beat Alora's bare bottom till it is red and bruised and she really has learned her lesson. Watch the humiliation and the tears as Stevie is regressed to her schooldays and punished just like a naughty little girl.
Ash FoxMy Uniformed Maid StrappedAsh Fox has had her first experience of working as a cleaner and maid to Sarah and is not at all impressed, indeed she is now cleaning the house with her bare spanked bottom on display, she is dreading Sarah's return knowing she has more punishment to come.
Holly IIYou Spoiled My PartySarah gets Holly to strip out of her party costume and bend over for a hard, bare bottom spanking followed by a prolonged strapping with a long handled strap. Very painful but Sarah rather thinks that Holly is enjoying things a little too much.
Ella RaineElla Spanked And PaddledThis is a hard hand spanking, which turns Ella's bottom very red in a short period of time, his hard hand ensures her cheeks are burning but her punishment is far from over. Ten harsh swats of the wooden paddle for every minute delayed gets the message across to a near tearful and very sorry Ella.
Adriana EvansAlex ReynoldsAshley BelleAshley's Little AccidentsAshley Belle wants so badly to be one of the cool kids, so she's excited when she gets assigned to share a room with popular girls Adriana Evans and Alex Reynolds on her school trip. She's pretty much willing to do anything to get them to hang out with her.
Clara HewittViolet HazeViolet's Afterschool SpankingViolet has been a very naughty girl. Mother always knows best in this house. A proper lesson isn't learned until the hairbrush meets the bare bottom, and that is exactly what happens. This is one lesson that Violet will not forget in a hurry.
Miss LovecraftSage PillarZelda ElaineBelted And Strapped - Parent's Credit Card - Part Two - Leather PaddleAfter long OTK spankings, the naughty girls who stole their parent's credit card and spent over $7000 at a ritzy resort during Spring Break are given a good belting and strapping across bare asses in exposed positions. Watch those naked bottoms jump and move every time the leather bites naked skin.
Dani SorrentoPain Is An Excellent Teacher - Dani Sorrento Company Retreat 3 - StrappingDani is happy when she is ordered over to the bed, removing her bra and skirt, hoping the Boss wants to take advantage. Bent over she takes a hard paddling before her panties are removed for a brutal bare strapping.
Chelsea PfeifferMaddy MarksLazy Asses Get SpankedMaddy is lounging the afternoon away on the couch and keeps asking Chelsea to fetch her things. It doesn't take Chelsea long to figure out a better way to spend her time than fetching for the couch princess. Even princesses get spanked as Maddy certainly does- with a hairbrush too!
Sophie ParkerSophie Parker Paddled - HQ Photos PreviewSophie Parker has just had her first spanking and now it's time to take it a bit further and the paddle is the chosen implement. Her panties are soon off and before he puts her over his knees he gets her to kneel in the chair, bottom well pushed out while he delivers a good hard leathering.
MiwaYukariLingerie And Nude Spanking - Part 2Miwa, wearing a bra and panties, is given a sound spanking over a mature woman's knee. Little dialogue but you can watch a good old-fashioned lingerie and fully-nude spanking.
Samantha BSarah GregorySnow MercyVeronicaVeronica's Spanking InterventionIn this custom spanking film, Veronica plays the naughty girl who needs a spanking intervention from her mother, father, grandmother, and the disciplinarian they bring in, Snow Mercy. This is not the first time Veronica has misbehaved and it is getting out of hand.
Sophie ParkerSophie Parker's Audition - The Interview - HQ Photos PreviewLovely Sophie came along to see Mr. Stern as she wanted to get into the spanking scene a little more. Mr. Stern soon told her that he was not playful and that all his spankings were for real. He started off spanking her over her panties but then these were soon taken off.
New Model Ivy RaineZoe PageSenior Executive Takes A Humiliating Spanking With A Riding CropDishonesty have cost Ivy Raine a series of spankings. Faced with a blackmailing employee passed over for promotion, Ivy has little option but to bend over her own desk for a severe spanking with a riding crop. Zoe Page loses no time in pulling down Ivy's panties for max humiliation and sting!
Christy CutieSexy Spanko TenantWe have found this unseen film from the AAA vaults starring adorable Christy Cutie in a fun spanking film. Christy and John came up with this script and loved making it. A landlord coming to inspect his premises after he had heard about many noise complaints during the day and especially at night...
New Model Becci BelacquaKelley MayRazor Strop SnapIt's time for school, but Rebecca is still sat on her bed in her PJs messing around on her phone. Her mother Kelley has been more than patient, but enough is enough - and when it transpires that this isn't the first time the wayward teen has been late, there's really only one possible solution.

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spankingasianf/fotkDiscipline Naughty MotherAiru is the young mother of a naughty boy. One day her son injures the neighbor. Airu is called to the house and is given a sound spanking for her bad attitude.
spankingasianf/fotkLingerie And Nude Spanking - Part 2Miwa, wearing a bra and panties, is given a sound spanking over a mature woman's knee. Little dialogue but you can watch a good old-fashioned lingerie and fully-nude spanking.

You had trouble with your secretary again? Wrong dress code again? Rude behavior towards a client, again? And again she forgot to book your flight and hotel in time? In this Eastern European office those lazy and careless secretaries are bent over their employer’s knee, cuffed in chains and spread on the boss' table, fearfully waiting for their whipping punishment to pay for their stupid mistakes committed repeatedly. Join Here

spankingbdsmm/fotkstockingspaddlewhippingsecretaryhumiliationSecretary Spanking
spankingbdsmm/fotkstockingswhippingsecretaryhumiliationSlutty manager answering for her bad behavior

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spankingm/fcaningcryingtearsrussian spankingRussian Street Walker Caned Girl 1
spankingcaningseverecryingtearsrussian spankingAn extra long caning

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bdsmseverecryingtearswhippingbreast tortureEP Castings - Sweetie, Lilly
bdsmseverehumiliationEP Castings - Mira, Lara Amour

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spankingbdsmm/frussian spankingThe Tavern 15
spankingm/frussian spankingSchoolgirl Punishment - Inga

Shadow Lane is a longstanding amazing producer of traditional High Quality Spanking Videos. Their video and photo productions - written and directed by the famous magazine editor Eve Howard - are stirring spanking enthusiasts’ blood all over the world… their videos bring you most credible model performances, perfect camera angles, flawless video editing, no-nonsense authentic scripts and of course, strict and genuine spanking action! While they have a focus on classic OTK (Over The Knee) punishments, they would never hesitate to also use paddles, hairbrushes and canes, if a spankee requires so to make her pay for her bad behavior, misconduct or rebelliousness. Join Here

spankingm/fotkstrapJulie Spanked and StrappedJulie Manners is used to teasing her boyfriend to near insanity with her luscious little body. But now she goes too far, blatantly coming onto him, then laughing at his desire. Determined to spank the provocative coed until she yields a few concessions, Rick doesn't spare his hand and the strap!
spankingm/fotkWake Up SpankingPetite and perky Stevie gets a rude awakening, when Kyle pulls her out of bed and turns her over his knee for a long, hard, hand spanking. Kyle paddles Stevie with the palm of his hand, first over her shortie pajama bottoms, then across her smooth, bare cheeks.