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Mackenzie and Rachel's Tearful Punishment

Mackenzie, Rachel, spanking, m/f, otk, paddle, crying, tears

Rachel and Mackenzie were supposed to be going to the movies and straight home. Well they decided to go to a party in which they were specifically told not to go to. When they come back super late, Rachel's dad is waiting for them and very upset. When he asks where they were, they say they walked around the mall after the movie. Well the mall was closed, so that was a stupid lie. Finally the truth comes out and then these two girls are very sorry. Well being sorry won't get them out of a punishment.Rachel's dad has already called Mackenzie's mom and gotten full permission to discipline her as he would his own daughter. Both girls are taken over his knee and spanked til they are crying very real tears. After their hand spanking, they are bent over side by side for the stiff leather paddle which stings and brings more tears to their already cried out eyes.

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