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Kiki Nude Oiled Pleasure And Pain - Date Night - 2

Kiki Cali, spanking, m/f, birch, diaper position

Kiki is facedown, ass pushed up with her legs spread, delighted as her panties are removed. Rhythmic canning continues to sting her cheeks, his big hands punish her needy Princess parts. She is order to lay on her back holding her legs in the air. The cane is used to paint fresh welts on the backs of her thighs. Whimpering and struggling to hold position has his big hands punish her tiny little bottom. Removing her top she is fully naked for his pampering touch as he applies to the oil to her throbbing cheeks.Inspecting and caressing her oiled cheeks thoroughly inside and out, there is little doubt she enjoys date night play time.

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