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Rude Little Kiki

Kiki Cali, Kiki, spanking, f/f, otk, hairbrush

Kiki has been ultra rude to her mother's friends lately. She claims it is because they are saying mean things to her and making fun of her 'little girl' clothing. Well, mother says they are only stating the obvious and it is time for Kiki to grow up and stop wearing these childish clothes. After all she is a teenager of 18 years old. Kiki is defiant and argues with mommy which only angers her more to the point of taking this naughty girl over her lap and giving her a hard spanking over her little shorts, then on her panties and finally on her bare bottom with the dreaded wooden hairbrush.She is now one sorry little girl and agrees to apologize to mommy's friends for her rude behavior.

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