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There Is A Man In The House

Adriana Evans, Lexi, spanking, f/f, hairbrush, severe

Adriana desperately needed a night out after a week of looking after her bratty sister. She was thinking of what a nice evening she had when she walked in on Lexi and a gentleman she attracted by way of the internet. Once she dispatched with Lexi's 'friend,' an irate Adriana returned with a hairbrush. At first Lexi thought, 'not again,' but soon she realized that this punishment was to be like no spanking she had received before. Every whack of the brush was delivered with all of the force Adriana could muster.Little sister's pleas for mercy went unheeded and her punishment worsened once her panties came down. After giving Lexi a hard punishment with the hairbrush, Adriana had her kneel on the couch so that she could continue the onslaught upon her little sister's bottom. Adriana's anger was based on fear for her sister's well-being. She had always contemplated life with an organ other that her brain and the poor judgment she showed in having this man from the internet put form to the fear. After she was thoroughly spanked, Lexi was told to remain in position on the couch.All Lexi wanted was the extreme pain emanating from her bottom to go away.

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