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Things have to change - Part 1

Adriana Evans, Audrey, spanking, f/f, strap

Audrey and her sister Adriana were always on the wild side of things. As younger girls, they knew this would earn them a spanking from their daddy, the head of family who controlled the family's money. As adults, they both had become queens of their respective scenes; Audrey was part of the fashion experience while her sister was a famous adventurer. One day, after many warnings, the sisters were called to their father's office. Both feared that they, as many of their cousins, would be spanked.It seemed that Audrey was spending thousands of dollars beyond her monthly allowance, and Adriana, the world famous one with an inclination for adventure, had been driving her father's car at speeds exceeding 100 mph. It wasn't as if these girls weren't warned. Both had been contacted about their behavior. When called to see their daddy, both expected nothing more than a stern talking too. Both were horrified when they learned that their behavior had earned them a bare bottom strapping together.

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