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A Belting In The Woods

Johanna Sullivan, Kyle Johnson, spanking, m/f, belt spanking, leather belt, outdoor, jeans spanking

Johanna has been acting like a spoiled brat the whole car trip through the wooded area of Oregon, so Kyle has had enough of it and pulls over, grabbing his belts out and pulling his poor and suddenly-sorry mentee out of the passenger seat and leans her over the hood of his car as he double-belts her with one wrapped around each fist as her bottom is turned CRIMSON RED through her shorts before he turns her around to pull them down, leaving her hysterically crying from the belt-filled whipping, as Kyle starts with a thin leather belt and moves onto a thick leather belt while tanning his naughty Submissives hide!This is a lesson that legit leaves the model in sobbing hysterics after the camera stopped! A MUST SEE DISCIPLINE WHIPPING OUTDOORS TO SOBBING!

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