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The Prank Mistake Feat. Kyle Johnson And Marie

Marie Lavender, Kyle Johnson, m/f, otk, outdoor, spanking

Kyle and his Mentee, Marie, are hiking, trying to get their workout on and go for a dip in the lake down the hill. During the hike, Kyle tells Marie that he has to pee and tells her to wait on the trail so they don't get separated. The perpetually bratty Marie decides that she is going to prank Kyle, so as he is peeing, she sneaks up behind him and goes so far as to pants him mid-stream. A furious and humiliated Kyle takes Marie by the back of the neck, leads her off the trail and puts her over his knee where any passerby hikers can see her getting her bottom soundly spanked.A hard outdoor handspanking on her bottoms followed by another one on her bare bottom, this is a spanking this bratty girl will NEVER forget!

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