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Slutty Sorority Sisters

Zoe Page, Amelia Jane Rutherford, spanking, f/f, otk, lesbian

Amelia has been acting like such a filthy slut in the sorority... None of the boys or girls are safe on campus from her sexual advances! Head sister, Zoe, is furious with this outlandish behavior. This is setting a bad example to the new pledges that this type of behavior is acceptable. She plans to do something extra special to teach Amelia a lesson she won't soon forget. Zoe takes this filthy, nasty slut over her lap for a much deserved and long overdue spanking. Amelia is spanked over her tight, short skirt, sheer panties, and then on her bare, exposed bottom.After the spanking, naked Amelia and a quickly disrobed topless Zoe are so turned on that they can't help but grind on top of each other.

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