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Judicial Beating

Zoe Page, Pandora Blake, bound, m/f, prison, spanking, uniform, whipping

Prisoner Pandora Blake is led into the punishment room at Bars and Stripes Prison by Prison Officers Zoe Harrison and Stephen Lewis. She is ordered to strip and is forcibly assisted by the two prison officers. Once she is naked she has to lie on her tummy on the cross punishment bench. With a clanking of chains, her wrists and ankles are secured to the cross. Before her punishment is carried out, Prison Officer Stephen Lewis who loves his job takes great pleasure in explaining to her what is going to happen to her and why.For various reasons, including stealing, being uncooperative and rude to the prison officers and having a sharp object about her person - that is forbidden - she is to receive a judicial beating, consisting of forty strokes of the flogger. This sentence has been passed by a meeting of the senior prison staff. Pandora is also told that there will be no letting her off - she will receive the full forty strokes immediately. The poor girl has no choice but to agree to it. While Officer Lewis wields the flogger - Officer Harrison counts the strokes aloud.Pandora screams each time the flogger makes contact with her sore bottom - but she knows pleading for mercy will not help her in any way, because it's just not going to happen. By the time the fortieth stroke has found its target, it's not only her bottom that is red raw - but also her back. She's taken back to her cell. Her judicial punishment is over.

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