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A Cell Too Many

Amelia Jane Rutherford, spanking, m/f, otk, prison, uniform

Prisoner Amelia Jane Rutherford is waiting outside the Governor's Office - she has requested an interview with him. Meanwhile, she makes a frantic phone call to someone outside the prison, demanding some immediate help from him. However, she has to cut the call short as the Governor has come out of his office to greet her. One of the many rules at Bars and Stripes Prison is that prisoners are not allowed cell phones. She had somehow smuggled the phone into the prison among her personal bits and pieces.Her reason for wanting to see him is to request some protection from him as her cellmate is threatening her and so making her feel vulnerable. Prisoner Rutherford is asking to be placed in solitary. Being her usual arrogant - hoity-toity self, the Governor makes it clear that he's not impressed with her - and tells her she needs a lesson in humility. So he sits on the chair and puts her over his knee. He spanks her hard - the sound of his hand making contact with her bottom echoes round the room.She begs him to stop spanking her, even using please. But while she is constantly wriggling about while over his knee, he tells her he intends to carry on spanking her hard until he believes she has learned her lesson. Therefore, she has a very sore red bottom by the time Prison Officer Lewis arrives to take her away from the Governor's Office. The Governor suggests to Officer Lewis that as she so badly wants to be put in solitary - she should have her wish granted. So Officer Lewis pulls her to her feet by her hair and takes her away.

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