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Target Practice

Amelia Jane Rutherford, uniform, prison, spanking, m/f, f/f, strap

The Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison is having a discussion with two of his Prison Officers. The subject of the discussion is none other than Prisoner Amelia Jane Rutherford - a constant thorn in the side of all the prison staff. The three men agree that she doesn't seem to realise why she's in prison. She's rude, arrogant, and believes herself to be better than both the other prisoners and the prison staff. It so happens that Matron has asked for someone to act as a subject to be used for demonstration purposes - for the benefit of a new Prison Officer Jessica Wood.As her personal officer, Stephen Lewis is appointed to escort her to the sick bay - then the demonstration can begin. Rutherford is completely uncooperative. No matter what she is asked to do she argues and or refuses to do it. Matron takes great pleasure in showing the new recruit Jessica Woods how to spank, strap and paddle disobedient prisoners like Amelia. Also, Amelia can't keep her mouth shut and is constantly giving her opinion about what's happening. So her knickers are pulled down and right off - and stuffed into her mouth to gag her, but she manages to spit them out and carry on with her tirade of abusive language.Eventually Matron feels that the new prison officer - Jessica Wood has proven that she is going to be an excellent disciplinarian. And the obstructive Prisoner Amelia Jane Rutherford is taken back to her cell, prior to having to go to the prison laundry to wash her soiled tunic.

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