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Rock Salt

Amy Hunter, m/f, outdoor, prison, spanking, uniform, whipping

Prisoner Amy Hunter is not at all enthusiastic about the task Officer Stephen Lewis has set her. She is to move lumps of rock salt from one place to another. She dawdles, giving loud exaggerated sighs as she picks up each piece of rock salt and walks with it a couple of feet - depositing it in a neat pile. Officer Lewis is getting fed up with her constant whining and he reminds her that he's doing it for her own good. After all she's outdoors, not cooped up in her cell and she's getting some light exercise.And as she will be spending several years in prison - she stabbed some fella; She should appreciate breaking the monotony. Unfortunately, she doesn't agree with him and gets gobby and smart mouthed. So he orders her to stand between two wooden pillars, holding onto them while he goes off to get the flogger. When he returns he forces her head forward - so that her upper body is bent from the waist. Tucking her red prison uniform into the back of her black knickers - he starts flogging her. She groans loudly after each stroke.However, she is still bad-mouthing him and even has the audacity to suggest that he enjoys this part of his job. His response is to pull her knickers down to her mid-thigh - and continue flogging her bare bottom. As he pushes / drags her reluctant body back inside to her cell, she is still carrying on with her cheeky remarks.

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