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Natasha Byrne Intake

Zoe Page, Natasha Byrne, spanking, m/f, strap, prison, uniform

Natasha Byrne is standing in front of Prison Officer Stephen Lewis's desk. She makes a very sorrowful figure. She's wearing a full-length coat with a hood that completely covers her head and face. This is her first few minutes of being a prisoner at Bars and Stripes Prison and she has already rubbed Prison Officer Lewis up the wrong way. He doesn't like her attitude, her wearing apparel and he is a man on a mission - a mission to make this object standing in front of him into a model prisoner. He has a rant about the kind of upbringing she has had and it is no wonder she has turned out like she has.Police Officer Zoe Harrison has a secret but she's not about to tell him this secret - but it's obvious that she is not comfortable with it. As she is a trainee prison officer, Officer Lewis suggests she gets in some spanking practice on the wretch fidgeting about in front of him. However, she is reluctant to spank Natasha and makes an excuse about needing to see again how it's done. So Officer Lewis takes great pleasure in giving her a demonstration on poor Natasha's bottom, including the effective use of the strap.Eventually, after getting some polite answers from Natasha who has donned her prison uniform - he and Officer Harrison escort Natasha to her prison cell to start her five-year stint for drug dealing. Officer Zoe Harrison relaxes - knowing that for now her secret is safe.

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