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Intake Day Yasmin Garcia

Yasmin Garcia, f/f, prison, spanking

For Prisoner Yasmin Garcia it's Intake Day at Bars and Stripes Prison. She is ushered into the interrogation room. Her attitude annoys Prison Officer O'Brien - as she strikes a pose with her hands on her hips and her clothing makes her look like a real tart. When questioned by Officer O'Brien she agrees that she's in prison doing a life sentence for poisoning her husband and she shows no remorse whatsoever, because he deserved it. This worries Officer O'Brien - it seems that if she doesn't like someone she's likely to poison them - and she certainly doesn't like the prison officers.So Prison Officer O'Brien knows that she has to show Yasmin who's in charge. Therefore, Yasmin is roughly pushed face down over the desk for a spanking. Firstly by hand then Officer O'Brien pulls her knickers down and uses a leather paddle on her bare bottom. When she starts wriggling about Officer O'Brien asks Prison Officer Stephen Lewis to hold her down - he so loves his job. After her poor bottom has been made red and very sore, Yasmin is allowed to stand up. Officer Lewis hands her her prison uniform and tells her to change.To the disgust of Prison Officers O'Brien and Lewis, she raises one long and slender leg and rolls her stocking down and removes it. They are so flabbergasted by her audacity they allow her to repeat the action with her other leg. She changes into the short red tunic and completes the ensemble with knee high white socks. Just as a reminder - she is pushed back over the desk for another spanking with the leather paddle. Now that she has been welcomed to Bars and Stripes Prison, she is taken to her cell.

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