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Zoe Page, Xela Xesta, spanking, f/f, otk, paddle, prison, uniform

Prisoner Xela Xesta is in her cell flicking through a magazine - when Prison Officer Zoe Page saunters in. Now there is a clash of personalities. Both Xela and Zoe have an attitude towards each other. Xela is almost twice Zoe's age and feels humiliated that this young person is able to punish her. So she is adamant that she will not let this young whippersnapper get the better of her. However, Zoe is also adamant that she's going to bring down this haughty prisoner. At first the two women fling verbal abuse at each other - but then it becomes physical with Zoe slapping Xela around.When she brings out a leather paddle and insists that Xela kisses it - again there is a battle of wills when poor Xela refuses to do so. Eventually Xela gives in and is over Zoe's knee. Beginning with a hand spanking - followed by a bare bottom spanking. The whole scenario is over when Zoe gets bored and leaves Xela to her magazine and saunters out again. Leaving poor Xela - embarrassed and humiliated and with a very sore bottom.

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