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Gregorys Flogging

Sarah Gregory, Zoe Page, f/f, m/f, spanking, whipping, prison

Prisoner Sarah Gregory is lying spread-eagled on the flogging bench. Prison Officer Zoe Page is securing her wrists and ankles to the cross bars - they don't want her interfering with the punishment she is about to receive. When Prison Officer Paul Kennedy comes into the punishment room, Zoe had just put the finishing touches to the leather bounds. Officer Kennedy praises her for her zealous way of carrying out her duties with such care and attention. Officer Kennedy explains to Sarah why she's in the position she's in and how she can save herself a great deal of pain and suffering by telling him who gave her the gun that was used to shoot a sheriff.He's also rather peeved because she went to see the Governor of Bars and Stripes Prison behind his back. Unfortunately for her, her attempts to get round the governor only made matters worse for herself. So now she is being flogged by Officer Kennedy.

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