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Caroline Grey - Caning Grey

Caroline Grey, spanking, m/f, caning, prison, uniform

Prisoner 4237 has been sentenced to twelve years in prison - for her part in a robbery. Now Warden Lewis is about to start caning Grey. She is in position - wrists and ankles strapped to a spanking trestle. Her skirt has been removed. While, her bottom is protected by a skimpy pair of black knickers. She has been allowed to keep on her red prison top. Trying to twist her head round - she's not too sure what to expect. She flexes her muscles in a vain attempt to break free from her bonds. Heavy footsteps get closer. 'Right Grey are you ready to give us the information we need yet?' Warden Lewis grabs hold of her hair and yanks her head up - putting his face close to hers. 'No,' she said. 'Oh dear, you are a foolish and stubborn girl,' letting go of her, her head lolls down.He asks her for bank account numbers etc but she doesn't answer. So he starts caning Grey. Her bottom is soon looking red and blotchy - with stripes and bruises. He reminds her that this punishment would stop - all she has to do is tell them what they want to know. When Governor Stamp arrives he takes over from Warden Lewis. He uses a special cane on her - a whippy cane that he draws out of a scabbard like a sword. However, despite the pain she must be in she still obstinately refuses to talk. Eventually he gives in for that day, telling her that the caning will continue the next day - unless of course she wants to talk.

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