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American Brat

Knightley, spanking, m/f, otk, uniform, prison

Governor Stamp is sat at his desk - dealing with some paperwork, there is a knock on his door and he shouts come in. In comes a human tornado in the shape of Prisoner Knightley - Number 4231. She comes right to the point - leaning across the desk, with her face close to his, she demands to know what he's doing about her extradition order. He doesn't like her attitude at all and tries to warn her that she is getting deeper into trouble with every word she says, but she is in no mood for reasoning and continues shouting at him.Telling her to remove her hands from his desk and move back a few paces, for a moment she looks a little bit unsure of herself then wisely obeys him. She's adamant that as an American citizen she should be sent back to America and so be dealt with there. Governor Stamp keeps his cool although it's obvious that she is getting him all het up. He points out to her that as she committed the offense in the UK and was tried in the UK, therefore, she was sentenced to three years in an English prison. She still has plenty of fight in her and he's had enough of her nonsense.Telling her to raise her tunic - after a delay in her obeying him, she does so. He comes round his desk and sits down on the chaise lounge, pulling her over his knee for a good old fashioned spanking. She's indignant, protesting that he can't do that to her. However, she soon finds out that he can and does spank her. A few minutes later she is allowed to stand up. By now her face is as red as her poor bottom. Telling her to get out of his office, she hurries to obey him with her knickers still down at mid thigh.Governor Stamp then settles down to writing out a report about her visit to his office.

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