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Sleeping All Day Long

Simone, spanking, m/f, strap

Simone was out for clubbing all nght long, though she was aware that she had to go to school the next day. Of course, the Headmaster did hear her coming home at 4 in the morning. But he decided to be lenient and say nothing, as long as she would go to school the next morning, well rested, tidy and in a good shape. But no way that Simone would satisfy his expectations. Simone just wasnt able to get up in the morning at all, sleeping until midday in her warm and soft bed, with a contented smile on her face.A furious headmaster, applying a 5 minutes long and severe lashing on her exposed naked buttocks, is the result of her irresponsible behavior. A contented smile is certainly not what we will see on her face so soon again!

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