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Cheerleader Tears

Spanking preview images, from Cheerleader Spankings, with:Rachel Adams

New girl Rachel Adams is called in for a disciplinary meeting by Assistant coach, Harley Havik. She has full authority to punish the girls in Coach Lake's absence and wastes no time in exerting her authority with this poorly behaved cheer squad member. Rachel has been tardy, appeared to have been hungover at several practice sessions and her grades have been slipping. This will affect her status of remaining in the squad. Rachel's first time over Harley's lap is not a pleasant one as she spanks her girls hard!Rachel feels the spanking when her panties are pulled down and her bare bottom is turned a swollen, sore red very quickly! Leg locked and unable to wriggle out of her punishment, Rachel cries as she is then given a relentless leather paddling to ensure she won't be in this position again! Watch new girl Rachel make her awesome tearful debut, for those who adore seeing girls crying real flowing tears, this is the short, sharp shock video for you!

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