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Cheer Camp YearOne - part 1

Spanking preview images, from Cheerleader Spankings

This is our 100th film and to celebrate we have a very special presentation. A unique multiple cheergirl full length punishment film with 2 respected coaches, Miss Elizabeth and Mr Masterson who have their work cut out disciplining an all star cast of the very best spanking talent. We also think this is the most colorful spanking film ever produced with all those different authentic cheer uniforms. The girls are all lined up in their uniforms on induction day, having all been sent to Cheer Camp, for a week long corrective training review.Naturally, this means discipline, something all the girls are used to as they are the worst behaved from the various squads. Miss Elizabeth is first to spank the girls in a position they know all too well... Over coach's lap. She hand spanks them hard and firm, across their panties and withthem pulled down... Scolding them and reminding each girl in turn how embarrassing it must be to have their bare bottoms spanked in front of the others. They are lined up one by one with their bottoms bared until it is Mr Masterson's turn to introduce them to the Bad Cheerleader paddle.

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