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Nuna's FoulMouth Punishment

Black girls, caning, mouth soaping and spanking preview, video and images, from AAA Spanking, with:Nuna

Witness what happens to a foul mouthed and very disrespectful step daughter, Nuna Starks, when her daddy decides that she needs a thorough punishment that includes a long sustained OTK spanking with his hand, a leather paddle and a hairbrush. Of course, she is spanked on her bare bouncing cheeks and is spanked to tears. No amount of remorse will stop him from carrying out the rest of her punishment, however... And Nuna knows that. She receives her first ever mouthsoaping for using such vile words and even though it is her first time, he is not kind or gentle.The suds are well and truly tasted as she is made to bite down and savor the awful cleansing taste of the soap bar that gets everywhere in her mouth, her tongue and stuck in her teeth. By now, Nuna is crying again, and with a shamed, more contrite, tear stained face, the last part of this unique discipline begins. She bends over the bathroom sink, sobbing as her bottom is stuck out, bare, exposed and inviting for the hard cane strokes that follow. This caning leaves visible welts on her precious behind!It is one punishment Nuna will not forget in a hurry!

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