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What She REALLY Wanted For Christmas

Alex Reynolds, f/f, otk, spanking, riding crop

Decked out in festive Christmas wear, girlfriends Alex and Ally are just putting the finishing touches on wrapping up some gifts. When they finish, Alex searches for her phone in order to call their friend to let her know that they're about to head out, but discovers that it's missing. She asks Ally to call it, and soon discovers that it's wrapped up in one of the packages. Thinking Ally must have somehow done that by accident, she opens the present to get it out, only to discover that the item wrapped was a little red riding crop and the gift was meant to be for her.Alex takes Ally's not so subtle hint and gives her pretty partner a good spanking, then gives the new gift a test drive as she punishes Ally for her bratty antics with the phone. Happy Holidays from Northern Spanking!

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