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Chrissy MarieMar 19Judicial Caning - Chrissy Marie And Delta Stripped For The Strap And CaneReporting to the court officer, Chrissy Marie and Delta are horrified to learn of their sentencing. 48 strokes of the cane. Protesting loudly, they begin to bargain with the Court Officer, offering bribes with are instantly met with additional sentence.
AudreyChloeMar 19Model's Talk - Part 1Audrey wanted to give this brat a taste of the discipline she had earned in not showing up for a shoot. After a brief discussion regarding this issue, Chloe was taken by the ear into the kitchen and taken over Audrey's knee for a spanking.
Camilla ScottMar 19Hidden Implements - Naughty KissieOnce the hairbrush punishment has finished she is made to bend over the sofa arm and take a very hard paddling with the wood, her worst implement of all, which leaves her sobbing and feeling completely vulnerable.
Christy CutieChelsea PfeifferMar 19I Definitely Need A Spanking - Part OneDarling Christy, dressed in a charming little bit of purple lingerie, presents herself for the sensual spanking she needs. Chelsea doesn't hesitate and takes the lady in need over her knee. Chelsea begins with a warming hand spanking, but soon progresses to a paddle and then ANOTHER!
KaliMar 18The Bathbrush For KaliKali has left her 'special' candles burning in the house yet again so mom confiscates the candles. Kali doesn't seem to care, so mom is going to light up her naughty daughter's bottom and make it feel like fire with a hard hand spanking and then the wooden Bathbrush.
Michaela McGowenMar 17Stripped nude, Michaela McGowen caned lying on her back in a new Director's Cut!Michaela McGowen totally naked and caned! Her athletic legs are high above her head as she lies back over the arm of a sofa, jutting buttocks perfectly positioned for Cindy Wallace's stinging cane.
Clare FondaEsperanza Del HornoMar 16Spanking Esperanza Del HornoEsperanza Del Horno is a cute young adult star with a nice curvy bottom who is interviewed about her spanking experiences. She was only spanked once growing up, but was often told stories about school spankings her grandma received and we re-enact one of those with Clare Fonda as the teacher.
Rachel AdamsLux LivesMar 16Lux Spanks Rachel AdamsRachel Adams got spanked by Maddy Marks to convince Rachel to steal the client of Lux Lives. And now Lux is going to deal with that theft by giving Rachel yet another spanking on her already very sore bottom. And Lux is a powerful 6 foot angry Goddess who turns that cute bottom bright red!
Clare FondaLuci LovettMar 16Teacher Clare Fonda Spanked in OfficeTeacher Clare Fonda recently spanked Luci Lovett for doing poorly on a test. But when Luci discovers she actually aced the test, she marches into the office demanding some retribution. She puts her teacher over her knee for a spanking that also includes a paddle.
Kymberly JaneDixieMar 16Kay Spanked by DixieKay Richards had already spanked Dixie Comet for the school cheating incident. But now we discover Dixie was innocent and she wants some revenge on Kay. So Kay must go over her knee for a very long, painful spanking with her hand and a hairbrush to even the scales of justice.
Clare FondaLunaMar 16Sexy Roommate SpankingClare Fonda is a bit of a perv with her new roommate Sailor Luna, who is getting super cheap rent. Sailor tolerates that advances because she is loving the cheap rent, but she is a little surprised when Clare begins rubbing her vagina and then fingering her.
CaraMar 16Cara Learns A Painful LessonCara's mother wastes no time in showing Coach just how she deals with inappropriate behavior as she takes her daughter for an over the lap spanking, right there and then! If that was embarrassing enough...
Stevie RoseMar 15Stevie Rose- Bound For DisciplineStevie Rose is lovely stripped to her pink thong panties. Her legs are spread for the crop to smack down on her succulent cheeks and thighs. A small leather paddle is used to punish every inch of her cheeks, thighs, and cunt. Her pretty face contorts she whimpers and moans.
Lizzy McAllisterMar 15How Did You Get Into Spanking - Part TwoLizzy's hot spanking session continues with more paddling, this time it's a little but deceptively hard wooden paddle. Then comes a cropping and finally a strapping! Lizzy's bottom is red hot, but her face is smiling!
MikuJunkoMar 15 In TranceShort film. Junko and Miku put each other under hypnosis and fall into a trance. They suddenly cry, laugh and spank each other. Mysterious forces are at work.
Elizabeth SimpsonFaeMar 15Password Not WorkingMiss Simpson is livid that one of her highest paying customers is complaining about Faes email to him. Faye apologizes but is told she must be dealt with in the way they deal with naughty Employees: A bare bottom spanking and caning.
JennaMar 14Teacher In TroubleShe is being reviewed by her superiors and they are unsatisfied due to her level of leniency with her students. She is bared and is given a blistering handspanking from the Headmaster, before having a very sound caning which she takes with as much grace as she is able to muster.
MackenzieMar 14Mackenzie Spanked To Tears By MommyThis time Mackenzie will learn a very tearful lesson as the bath brush hits poor Mackenzie's tender cheeks again and again. This painful short sharp shock punishment makes Mackenzie cry and promise that she will do better at school from now on!
Sha LucianaMar 14Sha's Real DisciplineSuper excited to premiere spanking model Sha Luciana. It is right over his lap for a hard hand spanking on her tight jeans. She is sent to fetch the hairbrush next and he has her pull down her jeans. Just when she thinks her punishment is over, she must fetch the strap.
Anabelle LilyMar 14Overheard - The VideoCalled into her bedroom, Anabelle's punishment begins and outside, Alex can hear her friend being smacked. Each smack on Anabelle's bottom can be clearly heard, along with her cries. With her punishment complete, Alex of course wants to see Lily's bottom...

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asianf/fspankinguniformIn TranceShort film. Junko and Miku put each other under hypnosis and fall into a trance. They suddenly cry, laugh and spank each other. Mysterious forces are at work.
belt spankingf/fasianGluttony - From 'Seven Deadly Sins'I am going to use the power of God to punish those who commit the seven deadly sins. This time I will punish a girl who goes to gym to lose weight, but cheats on her diet.

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f/fm/fspankingwhippingprisonGregorys FloggingOfficer Kennedy explains to Sarah why she's in the position she's in and how she can save herself a great deal of pain and suffering by telling him who gave her the gun that was used to shoot a sheriff.
spankingm/fprisonuniformstrapWrong Time And PlaceHe pulls her over his knee and despite her protests and struggling, he gives poor Sarah a prolonged hand spanking, first on top of her black regulation prison knickers then on her bare bottom.

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spankingf/fcaningStripped nude, Michaela McGowen caned lying on her back in a new Director's Cut!Michaela McGowen totally naked and caned! Her athletic legs are high above her head as she lies back over the arm of a sofa, jutting buttocks perfectly positioned for Cindy Wallace's stinging cane.
spankingf/fotkNew Director's Cut: Stacy Stockton Spanks Amber DaviesAs director Lauren Holt says: 'I don't know who was more nervous when I directed Stacy Stockton giving her first spanking to a totally new model, Amber Davies! I didn't even have to tell Stacy to spank Amber harder, she went for it!' Enjoy previously unseen footage in this new Director's Cut!