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Spanking Sarah is a naughty secretary, a lady who indulges herself in her favorite pastime spanking and being spanked. What does she like? Discipline and punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane the birch and the strap. That's just what you will see when you enter her web site. You will get a unique view of the world of spanking, corporal punishment and sex. Become one of Sarah's friends and see her full length movies. Create an account for instant access. This site features free films and pictures of spanking and discipline punishments by headmasters and disciplinarians on some of the naughtiest girls. Sarah features office and school scenarios, domestic spanking and punishment, out doors discipline with naughty housewives and girls from down your street. Sarah can also be a dominant lady, handing out spankings, slipperings, paddlings and the cane to some of her naughty girlfriends and to those ladies brave enough to come and appear in her unique films. You will see girls punished in uniforms, pyjamas, daisy dukes and some very sexy undies.

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Antonia has been taking money out of her husband's bank account and being a mean man he is not at all happy about this. She says she is contributing but he is not happy and tells her he is going to teach her a lesson. She is a mature housewife and does not take kindly to his threats, he grabs hold of her and drags her over his knees and spanks her backside till she is yelling out in pain.  During the spanking a little feel of her pussy reveals to him that she is enjoying the experience.

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Amy & the spankers cook book

Mr Stern is trying to make another episode of his film of the spanking cook book in production. This time he is assured that the young lady he has hired is a good cook and knows all about everything to do with the kitchen. What she did not say however was that she was vegetarian and today they are supposed to be cooking steak Trouble is brewing and she will be on the receiving end of his wrath and his hard hand.

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Paddle for a delinquent
HDspankingf/fleather paddleotk

Ashleigh knows she will get further punishment for her bad behaviour and her almost criminal activities. She is not mistaken and the pyjamas she is wearing offer her little or no protection against the hard paddling she is going to get. Her bottom is pushed high into the air and this deserved paddling commences.

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How to punish April
HDyoungotkdiaper positionleather paddlef/fm/fspanking

Kodders is a regular member of the Strand production team and now he wants to learn to spank ladies bottoms. We thought the best thing to do would be to get him alongside Sarah with a new model who was not used to being punished and then to train him. Well he did soon get into the swing of things. Once he watched Sarah rip open April's pantyhose and start to paddle her bottom he was eager for a try himself. He did quite well and so he went onto a more complicated lesson, spanking a lady in the diaper position. Wow, April certainly took to that and so did our two spankers. Good hard paddling in this film and it's quite rude to.

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Punished for playing
m/fseverespankingleather paddlecrying

This is a real nasty classic spanking film. Sue has been caught on her bed playing with her pussy. She has been warned not to do this but does not seem to care. She is to be punished and her guardian has a nasty leather strap that does not look as though it can do much damage but when applied to her bare bottom it soon has a devastating effect. She has to take a long and very painful punishment and her fighting and struggles will not get her off the full effects of this paddling.

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Bonnie may does it herself
HDspankingself-spankingjeans spankingm/f

Bonnie May has an interview as a spanking model but while she is waiting she finds a selection of spanking implements and decides to try them out for herself. She paddles her bottom first over her shorts and then she strips off and gives herself a real hard spanking and paddling. It's amazing just how much fun a girl can have on her own.

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I take care of satine spark
HDstockingsbdsmspankingf/fleather paddlestrap

Oh dear, I can be very wicked sometimes especially with my flat mate Satine Spark. She is such a beautiful girl and in reality is quite well behaved, so I have to invent reasons to be able to punish and play with her. I am inventive and it does not take long for me to have her agreeing to be punished anyway I wish with some new implements I have purchased. I give her a quite gentle, loving pussy spanking and then a much harder whacking whist she is in the wheelbarrow position on my bed. I do make up for this by rubbing cream into her bottom. I am a good girl really!

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Cane for school bully

Alex may only be very small but she has a very nasty temper and when I had reason to punish her for being a bully at school I knew my job was not complete till she had really been made to suffer some serious pain. That's when I decided she should be caned. I can tell you she did not like it one little bit as I did give her a good hard swishing with a thin cane which left its mark on her young bottom.

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The punishment of Jay Walker

Jay Walker has been sent by her school to see a strict disciplinarian. She is a girl that everyone has given up on, she does not know the meaning of discipline, doing whatever she wants including bullying, blowing up the school toilets and generally being as uncooperative as she can be. She now faces a series of punishments designed to put her back onto the straight and narrow. Over the knee her uniform skirt is raised, her school knickers removed and she is given a thorough spanking. This is just for starters.

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Satine and the cook book

I have decided to produce a spankers cook book and I have made the unfortunate choice of Satine Spark as my trial cook. She said she was a good cook, I believed her. Mr. Stern started to introduce the video which we are making to go along with the cook book but when he had to try the first dish she had completed it was disgusting. She had ruined it. What to do? Well that was obvious, a good hard spanking bent over the kitchen work top should do just for starters.

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