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UPDATED March 27 The best free spanking and caning galleries from English Spankers, Spanking Sarah and Redstripe Films. These sites update every week with spanking CP and caning movies. They currently have almost 400 full length films on their sites. All our latest films are full HD and in the MP4 Format so they can be watched on your PC, Smart Phone or Tablet anywhere anytime. Your membership gives access to all the films and thousands of pictures on the site.

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Mar 27
Mar 27
Mar 27
 74% · Luna well marked but caned
 75% · You paddle much harder
 78% · Parents at St. Justs - The Cane
 74% · Fetish houseshare
 81% · Lolani and the spanking party
 74% · Tindra has her first spanking
 78% · Ambrosia meets Mr. Stern
 78% · Satine's bedtime slippering
 74% · Luna strapped for cash
 77% · Your final lesson
 76% · Amelia Jane Rutherford paddled at St Justs
 79% · The impersonator
 80% · Laura and the Doctors cane

Spanking Sarah is a naughty secretary, a lady who indulges herself in her favorite pastime spanking and being spanked. What does she like? Discipline and punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane the birch and the strap. That's just what you will see when you enter her web site. You will get a unique view of the world of spanking, corporal punishment and sex. Become one of Sarah's friends and see her full length movies. Create an account for instant access. This site features free films and pictures of spanking and discipline punishments by headmasters and disciplinarians on some of the naughtiest girls. Sarah features office and school scenarios, domestic spanking and punishment, out doors discipline with naughty housewives and girls from down your street. Sarah can also be a dominant lady, handing out spankings, slipperings, paddlings and the cane to some of her naughty girlfriends and to those ladies brave enough to come and appear in her unique films. You will see girls punished in uniforms, pyjamas, daisy dukes and some very sexy undies.

 82% · Satine and the new puppy
 77% · The punishment of Annie
 73% · No way for a wife to behave
 54% · Bad behaviour has to be punished
 57% · She needs bringing into line
 65% · Music teacher caned
 56% · Jasmin strapped for cash
 68% · Tiana introduction to the paddle
 55% · Amy & the spanking cook book
 58% · New girl Luna gets the paddle
 56% · Masturbator caned
 68% · Satine pays the price
 54% · She tries seduction
 57% · You want to be a care worker
 59% · The new PA falls from grace
 54% · Satine and the fruit cake
 82% · Further punishment call
 61% · Amazing April self punishment
 54% · Kali visits Mr. Stern
After the party the paddle
HDspankingf/fleather paddle

Ella Hughes has had a party and things got out of hand, now she is blaming Ashleigh for the mess and the alcohol stolen from the house. Sarah is in no mood to mess about and wrongly decides that Ashleigh should be punished. She finds a large leather spanking paddle and makes Ashleigh bend over bare bottom in the air. The poor innocent girl gets a real hard beating with the paddle.

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  55.9 %
Naughty maid Aleesha spanked
HDstockingshand spankingspankingm/f

Aleesha Fox is employed by the Sexy Cleaning Company and is supposed to be doing the cleaning house for the company boss Mr Stern. Her cleaning methods fall far short of what is expected and so it is up to Mrs Stern to sort her out, so she calls Mr Stern to come and deal with her. He decides that a good hard spanking is called for and as she is bent over her bare bottom is exposed beneath the very short maids dress she is wearing. Mr Stern is soon well into spanking this firm and rather delightful bottom and he does have a very hard spank. Aleesha is none to impressed especially when he tells her she is to be paddled as well.

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  54.8 %
Hairbrush for school bully
HDseverehairbrush spankingotkf/fspanking

Ella Hughes has been fighting at college and ended up hitting another girl. For this she was punished at school but the rules at home are that if she gets punished at school then she gets punished at home. She has to go over the knee, her uniform skirt is raised and her regulation knickers taken down, She then experiences a long and painful punishment with a wooden backed hairbrush. The tears will come at the end as she feels the pain in her red and marked bottom.

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  67.5 %
Pain is the best medicine
HDspankingcaningf/fstrapleather paddle

Ashleigh is beautiful but she is very silly and thinks that she can get away with just about anything. Today she is proven wrong. Now you may think it's not the right thing for a doctor to do to a young ladies bottom, paddle it with a hard leather paddle and the thrash it with a cane till it is red and well marked. Well in this young ladies case pain was the best medicine.

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  60.6 %
Bemby the first spanking
HDspankingf/fotkstockingshand spanking

Another new young lady for English Spankers. Bemby is young and very shy and nervous but we do manage to put her at her ease enough for her to tell us all a bit about her journey into spanking. It seems that she really does like to be spanked but this has only happened before in private, now she has agreed that we can film her getting a really hard over the knee spanking. She is a lovely young cheeky girl who just needs some encouragement to turn into a very desirable spankee and you will we know love her film.

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  60 %
A visit to Mr. Stern
HDm/fspankingcorsageleather paddle

Suzanne was sent to see Mr. Stern by her husband about two years ago and she has now returned, this time of her own volition and Mr. Stern is not too sure he should punish her. She tells him why she wants to be punished and as she removes her coat we see that she has come through the streets with naked breasts and dressed in very sexy clothes. The requested punishment follows, a very harsh paddling with a carbon fiber paddle which is extremely painful.

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  60.2 %

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