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Jan 19HD  
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Jan 19HD  
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Jan 19HD  
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Spanking Sarah is a naughty secretary, a lady who indulges herself in her favorite pastime spanking and being spanked. What does she like? Discipline and punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane the birch and the strap. That's just what you will see when you enter her web site. You will get a unique view of the world of spanking, corporal punishment and sex. Become one of Sarah's friends and see her full length movies. Create an account for instant access. This site features free films and pictures of spanking and discipline punishments by headmasters and disciplinarians on some of the naughtiest girls. Sarah features office and school scenarios, domestic spanking and punishment, out doors discipline with naughty housewives and girls from down your street. Sarah can also be a dominant lady, handing out spankings, slipperings, paddlings and the cane to some of her naughty girlfriends and to those ladies brave enough to come and appear in her unique films. You will see girls punished in uniforms, pyjamas, daisy dukes and some very sexy undies.

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Seducing the husband
HDspankingbbwpalm punishmentf/fstrap

Kiki the maid was supposed to be cleaning out the food cupboards whilst I was away from home, well I suppose you could say she was doing that but she was very provocatively dressed as I found out when returning home unexpectedly. She soon confessed that she was after my husband, well I am not having that and set about teaching her a lesson with the biggest leather paddle I have. Bent over my kitchen table she soon felt the pain of my temper.

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The thieving PA
HDleather paddlem/fspankingpantyhose

Lord Stern has discovered that money has gone missing from his mission savings account and suspicion falls onto the new PA. After some pretty close questioning it turns out that she has been forced into doing this by Lady Stern under the threat of being beaten up. Lord Stern sympathises but tells her that she will have to be punished. She is paddled first over her panty hose and then on her bare bottom, good hard punishment in this latest Unladylike Manor film.

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New girl Victoria spanked

Victoria is absolutely new to the spanking scene, she has never been spanked yet she came along to see me. Well, she soon found out just what she was into. We had quite a chat first, I think you will find it very interesting, but then I got down to the serious stuff. I put her over my knees and spanked her first on her panties but these soon had to come down. She then took a famous Sarah Stern spanking and believe me, these do hurt the bottom. Now what did she think to it? Well take a look at the film and find out.

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A very strange doctor
spankingf/fleather paddle

Beautiful model Ashleigh does not like work and will do anything she can to get out of it. Her company are fed up with this but want, for some reason to keep her on. They send round a very strange doctor to sort out her medical problems. A large bag she carries has no medical kit but a wide selection of punishment implements which she is soon utilising on the bare bottom of this young lady. Great paddling scenes.

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Hairbrush for school bully
HDseverehairbrush spankingotkf/fspanking

Ella Hughes has been fighting at college and ended up hitting another girl. For this she was punished at school but the rules at home are that if she gets punished at school then she gets punished at home. She has to go over the knee, her uniform skirt is raised and her regulation knickers taken down, She then experiences a long and painful punishment with a wooden backed hairbrush. The tears will come at the end as she feels the pain in her red and marked bottom.

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Naughty nurse
HDspankingf/fstockingsstrappalm punishment

Is Amy cut out to be a nurse? That is the question she has to answer. She is untidy, late for duty and not very good with her patients. Matron just can't take any more of this and has called her in for a serious talk and a session of behavior modification punishments. She hopes that by inflicting some pain into the nurses bottom she may help her to revise her attitude. A stout leather paddle is procured and used on the hands and bare bottom of this nurse. Now will this do the job?

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Dog groomers take the paddle
HDspankingf/fleather paddlegroup punishment

Rascal the terrible dog groomer has just been spanked when her employer Lucy turns up. She is in real trouble and when Rascal tries to interfere they are both for it. Two bare bottoms are presented and a large strap is produced with the object of dishing out some real hard punishment to these naughty young ladies.

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School bully slippered

Alex is a small very quiet girl well that is what she would have us all believe. The truth is that she can be a bit of a bully at her senior school and that has to be dealt with at home. A stout slipper is maybe the way to make this young thing see some sense of reason. Knickers removed she is made to bend over for a long hard slippering and her tears will not stop it.

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Caned for telling lies

Ella Hughes arrived late for a filming session, she then told some lies and tried to fool me. Well no one gets away with that. I phoned her boyfriend and told him about her behaviour and he asked me to punish her very hard and also to give extra punishments for him for her behaviour at home. She made her allotted number of films for the day and then it was time for the caning. This was one of the most severe caning I have administered and by the end Ella was in tears.

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Slippered before school

This is the second film with our newest young spankee Amelia and she is a real naughty girl. I had just given her a spanking under the shower and now she is messing about playing with toys when she should be off to school. I know just how informative a session over the knee having your bottom slippered can be and so that is exactly what happened to her. No, she did not like it but I really did lay into that cute bottom.

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