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Feb 20HD  
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Spanking Sarah is a naughty secretary, a lady who indulges herself in her favorite pastime spanking and being spanked. What does she like? Discipline and punishment in the form of bare bottom hand spanking, the paddle, the cane the birch and the strap. That's just what you will see when you enter her web site. You will get a unique view of the world of spanking, corporal punishment and sex. Become one of Sarah's friends and see her full length movies. Create an account for instant access. This site features free films and pictures of spanking and discipline punishments by headmasters and disciplinarians on some of the naughtiest girls. Sarah features office and school scenarios, domestic spanking and punishment, out doors discipline with naughty housewives and girls from down your street. Sarah can also be a dominant lady, handing out spankings, slipperings, paddlings and the cane to some of her naughty girlfriends and to those ladies brave enough to come and appear in her unique films. You will see girls punished in uniforms, pyjamas, daisy dukes and some very sexy undies.

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I caned the bitch

At last I have sufficient reason to cane Lady Suzanne who, because she lost all her money and went to prison is now my maid. I must admit, I do love to ill-treat her, well she is so beautiful and is a rival for my stupid husbands affections. Kodders The butler fetches my cane, I get Suzanne to strip and then I cane her without any mercy, just the way I love to inflict punishments in this amazing story, the latest in my spanking soap.

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Cane for a junior nurse

When nurses misbehave they get sacked in the usual run of things but our nurses have to face a different punishment. This one has transgressed all the rules and she is aware she will face the ultimate sanction of the cane. Her tunic trousers are removed she is bent over the bed and a long hard caning soon has her squirming and promising to do better.

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Satine Spark at the sexy cleaning company

Another story from the Sexy Cleaning company and a welcome return to Satine Spark, we must have more requests to see Satine getting a good spanking than almost any other girl and we always oblige. This is her interview for the Sexy cleaning Company and so as you might guess there are plenty of good bending over and up-skirt shots to wet your appetite before she goes over Mr. Sterns knee for a real bottom reddening spanking. Great fun and spank filled film.

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She tries seduction

Lolani has been to see Mr. Stern and she was severely spanked and paddled but she is back same day. This time however she tries to seduce him, her sexy clothes however do not work for Mr. Stern. This could have something to do with the return at that moment of Mrs. Stern who sums up the situation and give Lolani something she certainly did not want. A very hard caning on her bare bottom. Every stroke leaves its mark.

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The party we missed

I was supposed to be going to a vintage dress party with my girlfriend Kiki but she has made a mess up with the dates and we have missed it. Now I went to a great deal of trouble to get ready for this party and I was looking forward to showing off my new dress. Kiki is in trouble and I know how to sort this young lady. A good firm leather paddle applied to het young firm bottom will start the retribution but you may think she needs to get more than this. Just watch.

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Dealing with his wife

Kodders just does not have the know how or the will to punish Ashleigh and has called upon Mr. Stern. Now he has no such compunction and is quite happy to inflict the required amount of pain onto this young ladies pert bottom. He has chosen a small but very nasty leather spanking strap to use and as soon as Ashleigh has bent over he puts it to good use.

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